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How to Reset Samsung Gear 2 SmartWatch



Samsung Gear 2 Reset 1

When you are using your Smartwatch like Samsung Gear 2 you have to think of it as a Smartphone as your data about calls, photos messages get stored in it. And if you are going to sell it or giving to someone else you need to Reset the device to Factory settings, which will erase all the data at once saving you a lot of time and keeping your data safe. Reset is also done in some cases where there are errors that require you to Reset your device to Fix the Error.

Note: Whatever may be the reason remember one thing that when you are going to reset your device you need to Back up all the data on your device to make sure that you don’t lose anything

Steps to Reset Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

To Reset your Samsung Gear 2 to factory settings you need first to scroll Left or Right on the Home Screen. Find and tap on the Settings or Gear Icon.

Samsung Gear 2 Settings 1

On Scrolling to down in the options you can find that Reset Gear Option.

Samsung Gear 2 Reset 1

Tap on it, and you will be getting a message telling you that the data will be erased from memory and asking for your permission to proceed or Cancel the process.

Samsung Gear 2 Reset 2

Tap on OK and process of resetting your Gear 2 starts automatically by deleting all the saved Data, and resetting the apps and device to default factory settings, and you will be getting the message “Performing factory data reset, Please wait ..”

Samsung Gear 2 Reset 3

Your Gear 2 device will automatically Restart after the Factory reset and Welcome you as it first did out of the box.

Samsung Gear 2 Reset 4

Before you go for Resetting your device make sure that there are no important files or pictures or videos stored on your device memory as all this will be irreversibly deleted. If you have any such data make sure, you transfer it first to your Smartphone or PC and then go ahead with the Reset.

Samsung Gear 2 Reset 5

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