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How to change Wallpaper & Clock in Samsung Gear 2



Samsung Gear 2 Change Wallpaper Clock 2

Samsung Gear 2 is the most advanced smartwatch from the company that has got your smartphone to your wrist. You can access and use almost all the features used on your device like Voice calls, messaging, taking photos, Videos and many other things.
With all the features also comes the ability to change and improve the appearance of your smart watch according to your taste by changing the Wallpaper and the Clock on your Samsung gear 2.

How to change your wallpaper and clock appearance in Samsung Gear 2

From your Gear 2 homepage slide the screen to right or left and tap on the Settings or Gear Icon.

Samsung Gear 2 Settings 1

From the options select Wallpaper or Clock, whichever you want to change as both these options will be available together.
If you have selected Wallpaper – This will lead you to the photo Gallery from where you can choose from your photos or the pre-stored photos, and you can also put plane bold colors if you like which will be available there.

Samsung Gear 2 Change Wallpaper Clock 1

After that tap on Set and the Home Background will be changed.

Samsung Gear 2 Change Wallpaper Clock 2

Now that you have successfully changed your Wallpaper you should go to the Settings Options and select Clock.

Samsung Gear 2 Change Wallpaper Clock 3

You will be given various types of clocks to choose from which can be previewed and to Select the type of Clock the Analog or the Digital you have to just tap on it.

Samsung Gear 2 Change Wallpaper Clock 4

Samsung Gear 2 Change Wallpaper Clock 5

You will be taken to the settings page, and a message will appear saying Clock Changed.

Samsung Gear 2 Change Wallpaper Clock 6

The Samsung gear 2 is a great device which fulfills all your requirements by helping you to use your phone from your wrist and also to customize it according to your taste.

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