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How to change Font Style & Font Size in Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch



Samsung Gear 2 is a Smartwatch that is intended to do what your smart phone does, but from the vicinity of your hand, and relieving you the difficulty of taking your phone out from your pocket or purse to see notifications, make a call or see and read messages.

So as it does all these things it also has the option to customize the look of the device similar to your smart phone even the Font Size, and Style seen in the User interface and help transform it to your liking. So let me show you how you can change the Font Size and easily choose and select from the various Font styles available in the Gear 2.

On the Home Screen of Gear 2, you have to slide the screen to the right or left side to get the various apps and options available.
From the icons tap on the Settings icon which is Gear shaped.

Samsung Gear 2 Font Settings

From the list of options available like Notification, Sound, etc. Tap on Display.

Samsung Gear 2 Font Display Settings

The Display options like Brightness, Language, etc. will appear from which you need to Tap on Font.

Samsung Gear 2 Font Settings

Two options will be available for you namely Font Style and Font Size.

Samsung Gear 2 Font Style Size

First let’s see Font Style, by tapping on it a new page appears which has the various types of Font styles like Default, Choco Cooky, Cool jazz, Rosemary, etc., with names and the example text given on how it looks.

Samsung Gear 2 Font Style

Just tap on the style of text that you want, and it will get selected and now go back. From here tap on the Font Size options which will take you to another page.
Here you can select from three options – Small, Medium and Large where teh size of the text can be seen in the relative text. Select any one of it, and now you are ready to go back to the home screen and enjoy the customs font or text size and style suited to your requirements.

Samsung Gear 2 Font Size

It is yet another easy to follow, but useful guide for those who wanted to remove the professional font which was put in by Samsung for the first time, and make the text larger or smaller.

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