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How to Record Voice using Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch [Voice Memo]



Samsung Gear 2 Record Voice 1

In your Samsung Gear 2 which has multiply functions almost acting like a smartphone on your wrist there is another useful feature called the S Voice which will help you Record voice memo’s and save it on your Gear 2 device itself. It is a very useful option for students and other professionals who want to record a lecture or any other things immediately and it becomes easy with the Gear 2 to just start recording immediately. So let me show you how you can Record Store and View your Voice Recordings on Samsung gear 2.

How to Record Voice Memo using Samsung Gear 2

On your Home Screen of your gear 2 scroll the screen to the left or right to find the S Voice App icon which looks like a mic.

Samsung Gear 2 Voice Memo

Tap on it and the Voice recording app is launched, as the application launches you can see that there is a number 5.00 which means that for each recording you have a limit of 5 minutes each.

Samsung Gear 2 Record Voice 1

Below it you can see the name of the file as we see here is the Voice 001.

At the bottom we have a Red dot which is Start recording Button and on the right side top of the screen we have the options by clicking on which we can get additional options.

To start Recording tap on the Red Dot which will immediately start recording and the countdown starts showing us home many minutes and seconds of recording is left in the particular recording.

Samsung Gear 2 Recording Voice

Below it the number you will find three options Cancel with an “X” icon, Stop Recording with a Square icon in the middle and a Pause button on the right side of the screen.

Tap on any of the options according to your requirement and when you want to stop and save the recording you need to tap on the center square icon.

This will stop the recording and save the File automatically to your recordings folder.

Samsung Gear 2 Record Voice Saved

The Voice memo files will be saved and can be viewed in the Recording folder and renamed or deleted if required.

Samsung Gear 2 Record Voice

The S Voice app is a great addition helping students to record lectures or meeting for professionals from your Wrist without using your phone or a recorder for the purpose. You can even save voice memo’s but the thing which should be kept in mind is that the Microphone should be facing the source of the Sound to get a clear quality of sound.

Samsung Gear 2 Voice Recordings


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