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How to Charge the Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch



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Samsung Gear 2 Smart watch like all the smart device needs constant charging as the battery drains as the usage increases, and charging the device is a bit of a complicated procedure compared to the smartphones where all you need to do is connect the charger wire to the charging port. And start charging but in this case Samsung has provided an external charging dock which acts as the charging interface between the charger and the Gear 2. It has been done to keep the size of Gear 2 on a thinner side.

Samsung Gear 2 Charger

The charging dock has Charging Terminals at the back side which should be aligned to the Charging terminals present above the Heart Rate sensor on back of the Gear 2 to charge the device. And there is a Multipurpose Jack present on the side where you need to put the charger wire in.

Keep these in mind that only Samsung-approved chargers, batteries and connecting cables should be used in charging your Gear 2 device as other products can cause harm to your device, and as Samsung has given in their manual, the battery can even explode.

Take your Samsung Gear 2 device in your Left hand and turn it on its back, here you can see the Charging Terminals as shown in the image below.

Samsung Gear 2 Charging Dock

And in your right Hand take the Charging Dock and turn it on its back as well, and you can see the charging terminals similar to the ones on the back of Gear 2. Now Align, both the charging terminals to face each other and when you do that the Samsung text on the Dock will come from the left to right, and the multipurpose Jack will be on the left side of the Gear 2. Now, press the Dock onto the Gear 2 to fix the Dock onto your Gear 2 which will get fixed thanks to the sides of the dock which are having slight elevations to fix into the Gear 2 side body.

Samsung Gear 2 Charging Dock Placement

Once you have done that take the Charging Cable and put the small end of the cable into the Multipurpose Jack on the side of the dock and connect the other end to either a wall-mounted charger. Or even your Laptop can charge the Gear 2 with the help of USB cable.

Samsung Gear 2 Charging Port

So when viewing from the top of the screen on the Right side of the device, above the Multipurpose Jack you can see a slight projection in the dock border where you need to place your fingertip of one hand. And hold the Gear 2 device with another and apply downward force on the Dock, which will just click out of the Gear 2, and you can remove the Dock and start using your Gear 2.

  • There are certain things that should be kept in mind while charging your Gear 2 as mentioned earlier never use non-Samsung appliances to charge your Gear 2.
  • Always connect your Charger to the dock properly before switching on the plug as improper connection can cause harm to your Gear 2.
  • In the case of Voltage fluctuations, the Gear 2 display will stop working for some time and recover, and you must immediately disconnect the charger from the wall sockets in such cases to avoid further damage.

If you are a new user, you might be finding it hard to do a few things on the Gear 2, for which you can check the Samsung Gear 2 section to learn more.

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