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How to use Samsung Gear 2 as a Smart Remote for TVs



Samsung Gear 2 Remote 11

The Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is a great device which not only lets you access and use your phone from your wrist. But also gives additional features like acting as a Voice recorder and as a Watch ON a remote that lets you control Smart TV’s by using Gear 2 as a Remote.

How to Set up and Use Watch ON remote in Samsung Gear 2

From your Home Screen toggle Left or Right of the screen to get the options and Tap on the WatchON remote icon.

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 1

When you are using your Gear 2 as a Smartwatch for the first time you need to set up your device, as a Remote Control on your device with two options given as TV alone, TV and STB (Set Top Box).

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 2

After you have selected TV or TV and STB you will be getting the options of various Companies, to choose from depending on the TV which you are connecting it to as seen in the image – Samsung, LG, Panasonic and others.

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 3

After you have selected the Smart TV to connect from the list, you will now enter the setup stage where you need to point your Watch towards the TV and tap the OK button to start the setup process.

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 4

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 5

The side of the gear 2 which should be pointed towards the TV is the Camera side. After you have pressed the OK button, you will be getting a Power button on the screen, and you should Tap on the Button displayed.

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 6

Connecting the TV to your Smartwatch takes some tries and we had to do it three times to get it work and you will be asked if it worked and you need to press Yes or No accordingly and if not connected then you have to Tap the button to try again.

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 7

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 8

If the connection setup is completed, you will be getting a message called TV remote control setup is complete and Press Done at the bottom of the screen.

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 9
Now you will be able to see the remote control options on the screen like Volume and Channels buttons, Power, Back and Mute button. If you want to change the channels based on the number then, you can press the three lines icon on the right side top of the screen to get the numbers.

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 11

In the options, you can either Add by setting up another TV or even Reset the connections that will clear the connections already set up.

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 12

So with Samsung Gear 2 which not only acts a Smart Phone on your wrist you can use the Gear 2 as your TV remote control on your wrist with the help of this Watch ON remote app.

Samsung Gear 2 Remote 13

Being able to control the entire Television set or the Set-to-box with a smartwatch is something very handy, especially when you aren’t finding the remote, or are lazy enough to go fetch the remote and can get things done using the Gear 2 itself. Check out the other Samsung Gear 2 tips and tricks.


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