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Jawbone Up not Syncing with my iPhone – Problem & Solutions



Jawbone Up

Jawbone UP is a fitness Band, which works by recording your daily activity and helps you keep a track through the UP App which is present in your iPhone or iPod running on iOS. With the Jawbone UP, you have to connect the Jawbone to your iPhone’s 3.5mm jack which will let you sync your data with the help of the UP App for iOS. In case you are getting problems in Syncing the Jawbone UP to your smartphone app then follow these steps to solve the issue and enjoy tracking your daily activity and Fitness.

Jawbone Up

Check the Jack Connection: Make sure that you have connected the Jawbone UP properly into the 3.5 jack in your iPhone as incomplete insertion into the jack can also cause problems while syncing and your phone do not recognize the device. Fit it firmly or remove the jack and plug it back again and try to Sync again.

Test your Headphone Jack: Use your headphones to test once whether the headphone jack is working or not which can be because of many reasons like something getting stuck in the jack or some other problem.

Check Internet connection: The Jawbone UP device to sync to the UP App in your iPhone needs Internet connection. Check that the internet connection either through WiFi or Network is active when you are trying to Sync your device.

Check Volume Settings: The Volume on your iOS device should be at maximum to connect your UP device to your iPhone as it is connected through the 3.5 Jack. So keep the Volume to its maximum and connect the device again and try Syncing it again.

Quit all the Apps: Apps, which are running in your iOS device, can sometimes interfere with the Audio function and Syncing of UP to your phone. After you have closed all your apps to test the Audio in use, open Voice Memo App on your iOS device and then plugin in the band, and check for any movements on the dial. In the case there is no movement on the dial make sure that you have closed all the apps at once or manually each app open and try syncing your device again.

Soft Reset or Reboot your Band: In case after doing all the above tricks you are still not able to Sync your Jawbone device try Soft Reset of your Band and connecting it again to your Smartphone that should work. Check out How to Soft Reset Jawbone Up band.

In case after all this hard work you are still not able to connect your Band to your Smartphone contacting the Jawbone Customer service will be the best thing to do as we have tried out and ruled out all the other solutions.

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