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HTC Vive Pre a Second Generation VR Headset with Front Camera & Controller



Vive Pre

HTC, the brand known for its innovative smart technologies has announced the Vive VR system that represents the next step in the world of VR Market. The Vive Pre comes with a new design when compared with that of the Vive which was launched a few months ago. It comes with a refined comfort to the wearer increasing the sense of immersion in the VR World.

It comes with an improved visual system with brighter display and good picture quality and a deeper sense of presence. Inside, it comes with interchangeable foam inserts and nose gaskets making vive pre-secure for the users. The device can be easily adjusted to the suit and a variety of facial shapes and remains compatible for a variety of eyeglasses.

The device comes with a front facing camera that allows you to do more both inside and outside the VR world by blending physical elements. It is built in such a way that the vive’s controller comes with updated ergonomics and softer edges with new textured buttons and grip pads. The trigger makes interactions with objects more smoother and haptic feedback delivering better interactions with the Virtual World. The device features integrated rechargeable Li-poly batteries with Mirror USB charging cable and runs for about four hours in a single charge.

Vive Pre

Cher Wang, chairwoman and CEO of HTC siad, “When we first announced Vive ten months ago we had an ambitious goal of fundamentally changing the way people communicate and interact with the world – forever. Today we stand on the precipice of a new era. Vive is creating a world where the only limit is human imagination.”

This product is revealed in CES, and mostly the product will be available by the end of April 2016. The pricing of the unit is yet to be revealed. The other products that were announced in CES are as follows.


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