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Garmin Fenix 3 watch tracks Heart Rate, Health Analysis at a whopping $600 price



Garmin may not be as popular as FitBit or Jawbone in the wearables arena, but it has as good as reputation because of its famous GPS tracking devices. It was in the recent couple of months that company has kept its focus on the smartwatches, specifically with a sporty design. Now the company has introduced a bunch of new watches at CES this time including three new Fenix smartwatch variations and a multisport Tactix Bravo Smartwatch.

Fenix 3

Talking about the new Fenix 3 watches, Garmin offers titanium bezel and strap option, a swappable nylon and leather band option, and a choice to go with Gramin Elevate where the heart rate sensor is located on the wristband. The Fenix HR model can track your heart rate 24/7 thus offering a better analysis of health and fitness based on the important data. It allows the user to gain extra credit for their intensity minutes, which should push users to complete their goals.

Garmin Fenix 3 Nylon

Note that heart rate sensor would drain the battery a bit quickly than the non-HR model, so you may require charging the watch around 40 hours of usage, i.e. is less than two days of usage. All the Fenix variants would have updated activity profiles for golf, rowing, and standby up paddleboard as well as new running dynamics. With company’s focus on running the department, they would be recording stats on your stride length, lactate ratio, performance condition, cadence and more. The support of Connect IQ Store would allow users to do all sorts of customization. The new Fenix watches will begin their sale in the spring of 2016, priced at $600, while the titanium version would fetch for $800.

Tactix Bravo

This is company’s multisport GPS watch showcased and launched at CES this year. Sporting a rugged design and outdoor navigation, it is the perfect watch for consumers spending a lot of time outdoors. The brand claims that its screen on the watch is perfectly readable under sunlight and it makes sense as well to offer such display. Meanwhile don’ be a surprise as the company says it’s also optimized for night vision goggles if you are out adventuring during the night.

Tactix Bravo

Considered as robust wearable, it has a build of the sapphire lens and knurled bezel alongside the carbon coating, which should protect it from scratches. It offers the 50 hours of battery life and sports some features like Connect IQ and sports profiles like Fenix 3 watches.

With a super accurate GPS technology being the highlight of the watch, the company touts that it can help you find your way when you’re on a mission, are we sensing military applications? Well, not so fast there. It can store as much as 1000 waypoints where the user can mark the start and end destinations under TracBack feature. Moreover, with the support of ANT+ sensors it can collect more data and offer remote control for some specific cameras. Tactix Bravo watch is said to be available around the same time with Fenix 3 in the spring for $700.


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