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Infanttech Smarttemp Wireless Bluetooth Smart Thermometer launched at $69.99




Infanttech has launched a new product SmartTemp to measure the temperature of your childer throught your smartphone. It is a wireless bluetooth thermometer where parents can keep an eye on baby’s temperature through their smartphone and periodically monitor it.

How to use the Smarttemp?


Smarttemp is specially designed from small babies or infants and helps in recording the body temperature without any disturbance to the child or the parent. The Smarttemp device is attched to any of the body parts of the baby and it would be connected to the dedicated app on your device using the Wireless Bluetooth technology. Using a traditional digital thermometer requires parents to frequently monitor their children’s temperature manually, and especially at night. This often comes with stress, sleeplessness and exhaustion to parents and often causes the babies to feel uncomfortable and resistant. The newly released Smarttemp Bluetooth thermometer is a new breakthrough in the baby thermometer arena. The following are the benefits of Smarttemp.

  • A smart Bluetooth thermometer designed for children where a parent can track body temperature continuously in real time through their smartphone;
    Alerts when the temperature rises beyond the threshold
  • Receive medicine reminders when it’s time for another dosage
  • Share the temperature graph with your child’s doctor
  • Easy placement underarm with adhesive pad and be used for up to 24 hours at a time and is not a one time use.

In addition, Infanttech has designed the Smartech app in such a way that it collects data from your smart thermometer using Bluetooth and monitors the temperature of your child continuously. Once the child’s temperature is above the set limit, your phone’s alarm will sound and notify you about the situation and helps in monitoring the child temperature anywhere and anytime.


Infanttech’s Smartech app collects data from your smart thermometer using Bluetooth and is able to monitor your child’s temperature continuously. Once the child’s temperature is above the set limit, your phone’s alarm will sound and notify the parent. Thus, it would be far easier for parents to monitor their child’s temperature anytime and anywhere. The Smarttemp wireless bluetooth thermometer is priced at $69.99 and is available on the .

Along with SmartTemp, Infanttech is also launching the Zooby, popular always in view baby monitor. It is a portable baby monitor and an inaugural product in the infanttech family. This monitor is designed in such a way that it the only one that truly give parent the ability to keep their eyes on their children at all times. This product will be show cased on CSE 2016 and would be available at a price of $199.99 on

The benefits of Zooby include:

  • The most versatile video baby monitor
  • The only 100% wireless baby monitoring system for car, home, and on the go
  • Multiple mounting positions to fit your growing family
  • Easy positioning for the perfect viewing angle
  • Color 4.3” Split Screen LCD display monitor
  • High resolution camera with night vision so you can see your baby day & night

Withings Thermo is one of the similar product that iss announced in the CSE 2016 but it is designed for all. The other two products that are launched in the Consumer Electronic Show 2016 are LG 18′ Foldable Display and Alcatel CareTime SmartWatch.


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