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Dynamic FOV Restrictors software could fix & beat the VR Motion Sickness



We all are crazy about Virtual Reality; everyone wants just to strap the VR headset, fire up the app and enjoy the content. With an increase in demand of these headsets and apps, we are all in for a virtual reality showdown each day. But doesn’t it make you a bit nauseous? As soon as you strap that headset, you might think you can have a long VR time. Though, that won’t be the case. If you have really tried a VR, then you must know that after spending couple minutes in virtual reality world you feel motion sickness.

It is one of the main challenges faced by VR companies in developing these futuristic straps-on headsets. Besides developing affordable headsets to be ahead in the competition, these manufacturers also have to make sure that the users feel less motion sickness while wearing these headsets. It is mainly caused by the indifferences between what you see and what you feel.

There are many reports of VR users complaining about the dizzy, flimsy, or straight weird when they are wearing those headsets for a longer period. Apparently, there is no way to get really going for a long while you’re strapped in on with VR headset. You would definitely need to take a breather as you may start to feel motion sickness. It would obviously vary person-to-person; now just imagine those unlucky users who could not enjoy Virtual Reality experience even for just a few minutes due to feeling light-headed.

Thankfully, someone is finally working on this problem and has even proposed a solution that so far includes adding LED lights in the headsets, or adding a virtual nose in the display. Researchers at Columbia University have been working hard on this to get rid of the motion sickness in the VR world. They found out that if the user’s field of view is masked during certain parts of playing around in VR could just easily eliminate the feeling of nausea. Thus, they could have longer sessions in play without feeling rickety.

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These researchers have been strategically manipulating the field of view and want this to happen automatically without depleting user’s experience. Though the point of immersive virtual life experience means it should feel real and if the FOV is reduced then, well, all the glory wraparound virtual world would not be there. This Binoculars view will surely ruin the immersive experience.

The software has been developed to limit this functionality of a VR headset, it pairs a dynamic FOV restrictors, which will partially haze each eye’s view with a soft-edge cutout. We, however, may not like the idea of restricting the field of view, but these researchers say it is the feasible solution. Moreover, they claim to find the perfect balance between restricting FOV, thus eliminating the motion sickness and still retaining the full VR experience.

The platform is still in its early days of development; it’s quite exciting to see people fixing and beating the VR sickness. But would it affect the VR experience? Well, we would only know when it’s out for public to use.

See this full video demonstrating the software:


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