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How to check if my Android Phone is compatible to Android Wear Watch



Android Wear, the OS which was released yesterday in the Google I/O event had some very exciting and interesting features which allows more integration of your Smartphone features to your wearable device, there are many devices or smartphone, and Tablets which are having android OS running. And as we know that your smartwatch with Android wear will connect to your smartphone it is wise to check whether your smartphone is compatible. Or not with Android Wear before you buy a smartwatch with android wear.

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Google has given an easy way to see if your device is compatible with Android Wear or not. Let us see how to check or know if your android phone is compatible with Android Wear watch or not:

  • Take your Android device to which you want to connect your smartwatch with Android Wear.
  • Tap on the following link:
  • As the link opens in your browser, you will see any of the two images which are seen below.

How to check if smartphone is compatible with android wear Android Wear Compatible

  • If you are getting the Red screen with X on the smartphone and watch then your device is not compatible with your device. And if you are getting the green screen with tick mark then it is compatible to android wear.
  • In short Android, Wear is compatible or can be paired with devices that are running on Android OS versions – 4.3 or later and any device having version earlier to 4.3 are not compatible to Android wear and smart watches.

There are many devices that are not yet compatible with Android Wear, and you have to check before you plan to purchase any smartwatch running on android wear. Devices that are having Jelly Bean 4.3 version and earlier versions are not compatible.

All devices having Jellybean as not compatible with Android wear and only devices running on Jellybean 4.3 version are compatible. So you can check using this link if you are not sure which version of Android OS your device is running on.

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