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Wear Aware – An Android Wear Watch App helps keep your Android Phone with you



Wear Aware App

Remember of those tags that reminded you when your device is far from you? A perfect reminder for those who keep forgetting their expensive smartphones. If you are one of those who is buying the Android Wear based smartwatch, there is an app that would come a lot of handily. The app named Wear Aware, listed in the Google Play Store under the “Apps for Android Wear” category does a perfect job of letting the user know if he is leaving the phone behind, or is far from it.

Wear Aware App

It’s not just a single situation when you would want something to remind you that you are leaving the phone around – while leaving for office. When you had the phone on silent phone and don’t remember picking it up from a meeting, and any situation you can imagine of. When the watch can not find the phone around it, till a particular distance, there is a buzz / vibration on the watch to let you know you forget it.

If you are using the Android Wear device, i.e. the Galaxy Gear Live or LG G Watch for now, then make sure you have these two things checked before you use this app on your smartphone.
– Is my Android phone compatible for Android Wear
– Download Wear Aware App for Android Wear, on both your Android Wear compatible smartphone, as well as on your Android Wear smartwatch. Once you do that, it would be ready to use if the two devices are paired to each other already.

Here’s the entire list of Android Wear apps which are available on the Google Play Store, so that you can take advantage of them if you already own one of the Smart Watches, running the new Android Wear OS.

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