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How to Charge your LG G Watch (using Charging Cradle)



LG G Watch Charging Cradle

LG G Watch, the first official smart watch with Android Wear has been released and started shipping as well. It is a device that will be giving you immediate access to the Android Wear OS. Although the shipping has started for US and UK from June 25th, the date of shipping to other parts of the world is not yet confirmed.

If compared to the other two Android wear running smart watches Moto 360 which has superior design factor, and Samsung Gear Live which has higher specifications like the heart rate monitor. And other features that are not present in LG G watch.

LG G watch comes with a 400 mAh battery, which is found to be efficient enough to last for 24 hours on a single charge with the display on compared to the 48 hours running period on a single charge as told by the company.

How to charge LG G Watch:

For charging the LG G watch, you will be getting a charging dock with the watch. There are five contact pins on the bottom left side of the device. On the charging dock, there are pogo charging posts that project out and help in charging the contacts.

LG G Watch Charging Cradle

There is no direct USB contact to the device, in the charging dock there is a USB connection port which will connect the external Charger.

Take your LG G watch and your charging dock and align the contact points on the watch with the contact points on the charging dock and place it one above the other.

LG G Watch Cradle Placement

Now connect the charging dock with USB cable available and connect it to the charging socket to start charging as seen in the image below.

LG G Watch Charging

The Charging takes a total of 1 hour 10 minutes for complete charge to 100%; the charging dock also acts as a USB connection to connect the watch to your computer or laptop to transfer data.

LG has said that after full charge the device will be lasting for 48 hours with the display ON constantly. But with my personal experience it lasted for approximately 24 hours after full charge, which not that bad but almost half of what the company has promised.

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