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Moto E FAQ / Tips & Tricks – Before and After Buying the Phone



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The Moto E smartphone from Motorola came in with the buzz for this being a phone good at price for the specs, but there are a few things which one won’t be happy about, only when they have the device in their hands. One of the major disappointments that we found was with the camera, which is not up to the mark, and Motorola seems to have made this phone more for the interface experience and the comfort, but not for the camera.

For the ones who wanted to know more about the Motorola Moto E, here are a few answers to the questions you have in mind.

Read below for the various tips and tricks, and the questions answered about the Moto E.

Before buying the Moto E

What comes in the box package of Moto E? are earphones included?

Yes, the earphones are included in the box packaging of the Moto E, and the other contents apart from the phone, includes the Warranty information booklet, the Quick start guide in English and local language, the Safety guide in English and local language, Travel adapter but that doesn’t come with a separate MicroUSB cable, so you might have to purchase a separate cable if you wanted to connect the phone to the computer.

What is included in the warranty coverage of the Moto E?

The warranty is for one year, where the mechanical parts and the accessories are covered, and the battery too is under warranty for a year. The software of the Moto E is covered for 90 days from the date of purchase. Once the repairing of any product or accessory is done, it is under warranty for another 90 days from the date returned to the consumer.

Which SIM card is supported by Moto E?

The Moto E supports Micro SIM card, and as this is a Dual SIM phone, the support is for two Micro SIM cards.

I am worried about speaker placement. Is it on the back area?

The speaker is located as a thin line on the front below the screen, so you don’t have to worry because even when you place this device flat on a table, the audio won’t get disturbed.

Is the battery removable?

This is the same case as in the Moto G, where although you are free to open the battery door on the back, the battery cannot be removed and it is placed below a thin plastic cover which cannot be opened unless you unscrew the entire side area. So if the phone doesn’t respond to any of your actions, and it isn’t starting up, it’s better to visit the service center rather than trying to remove the battery from it’s fixed place.

What about the Moto E after sales service?

After the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo, there were questions about the services from Motorola. For most you, there’s no worry because the company is providing the after-sales service to 22 states across India. There is no question about the service in the other markets where Motorola has been selling its phones.

Does the Moto E have the USB OTG support?

No, the Moto E doesn’t have the support for the USB On-the-go (OTG) feature, and we tried testing it with the OTG drive which wasn’t detected, and the apps too showed that the phone doesn’t have the native support for the OTG.

Finally, is the Moto E worth buying for this price?

If you are trying to use a phone mainly for the OS, a good build and nothing else, then the Moto E is the phone to purchase. Obviously there are no other phones too which don’t capture good photos at this price range, but we still have to mention it here that the capture quality is not good with the 5MP camera of the Moto E.

After buying the Moto E

How to remove back cover?

This is no rocket science, but this isn’t the easiest job like in the Samsung phones. The back cover can be removed but you need a little skill for that.
Put your fingernail in the charging port section.
Press the thumb on the Motorola symbol on the back center.
Push the cover out with some force, and don’t be afraid of the sound it makes because it won’t break the cover

Don’t use any special tools or sharp instruments to open the back cover, because you might be damaging the cover or the phone.

How to Insert SIM Cards & Memory Card?

Thanks to the removable back cover, Motorola gave the slots for the SIM cards and MicroSD card beside the battery socket. To insert the cards, you need to remove the back cover and then look on the right for the slots. The slots have got the labels – MicroSD, SIM 2 and SIM 1. The SIM cards that are supported are the Micro-SIM cards.

When the back of the phone is facing you, insert the SIM card or MicroSD card with the chip facing against you, and you can confirm that by the shape given beside to the name of the card on the top of the slot. According to the company, you won’t be able to use the Nano SIM adapter to make it a Micro SIM, but that worked for us.

How to activate the SIM card, and remove the card?

To activate the SIM card, you need to go to Settings > Dual SIM settings and then select the settings for those SIM cards and the activation would happen by itself.

To remove the SIM card, you just need to push the SIM card in, and it would get released from the slot and would slide out a little. You need to then pull it out gently.

How to transfer data from other Android Phone to Moto E?

Thanks to the app called Motorola Migrate (pre-installed in the Moto E), the transferring of the content for a new user is the easiest, as you won’t have to do much except for setting it up and selecting “Android” for the previous phone, and the Migrate would do the needful. At the same time, if you are using the same Google account which you used in the previous Android phone, you can use that to restore the data which was backed up in the account on that device. The options for restoring from the Google account are given in the same Motorola Migrate app.

My computer didn’t detect the phone, can I the download drivers for Moto E from anywhere?

Usually if you are connected to the Internet, you don’t need to do anything because once you connect the phone to the computer, the drivers get installed automatically in a couple of minutes. But if your computer didn’t do that, Motorola is giving the official drivers for download, the links for which are below.

How to setup Pattern lock on the Moto E?

The default unlocking method for the screen of the Moto E is the slide unlock, where you don’t have security and anyone can unlock the screen. You can set a pattern lock or password lock if you wanted to keep the phone secure.

To set it up, you need to go to Settings > Personal > Security > Screen Lock and choose the option Pattern. You will have to enter a new pattern two times to save it, and use a backup option if you forgot the pattern to unlock the screen, although the Google account is always there for the final recovery.

Can I create personal hotspot to share the Internet?

Yes, you can just like in any Android phone. For you to share the Internet connection of the phone with the nearby devices around via Wi-Fi, you need to go to Settings > Wireless & Network > More… > Tethering & mobile hotspot and check the option “Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot”.

The sharing can be done to 5 devices around, and you can set that up as an open network or can set a password to make it a secured one.

How to use the Motorola Alert app?

First off, its a brilliant app which makes use of your location to let your close ones know about your whereabouts. Now for you to use this feature on the Moto E, you will first have to open the Google Play Store and there, you will see an update available for this app. Once updated, you will be seeing the app in the drawer and you will need to open it and set it up. You need to set the location as work, home for the particular places and then set up the emergency contacts to whom the messages would be sent.

There’s a lot more to say, but if you have anything to ask specifically, do ask it below in the comments and we would love to help you out.

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