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Tips for Android Wear Developers for Developing Apps for Wearables



Android Wear is a new and latest Operating System developed and released by Google to cover the ever expanding Wearable’s market and named it aptly as well. Android Wear being a relatively new OS with many other wearable platforms already in the competition the Android wear platform has to compete with Pebble’s e-ink screen, Samsung’s Tizen and Sony’s SmartWatch platform to name some.

LG G Watch Android Wear

If App developers who have succeeded in Play store are to be considered they are in a lot of hurry to develop, and make their apps compatible with the latest Google Android Wear platform and make a mark on Wearable’s platform as well.

The App Developers for Android Wear have some great tips to develop their Apps for Android’s new wearable’s SDK. These Tips are from Android Engineer Sagar Seth.

  • You need to install the Android SDK, which should have all the developer tools to help build apps.
  • Next thing to do to develop for Android wear you need to Sign Up for the Preview with all your details at “” and once you sign up here you will be getting a Zip file from Google, which will have the preview JAR.
  • This ZIP file should be included into your project to start, and you need to have Android’s v4 Support Library, and also have to set up a System Image for Android Wear by following the steps mentioned in the website.
  • Now you need to set up the Android Wear Emulator and later Set Up the Android Weal Preview App
  • With the Android Wear Developer Preview, you can do the following things to help you develop the app better suited for the devices: Run the Android Wear platform in the Android emulator. Connect your Android device to the emulator and view notifications from the device as cards on Android Wear. Try new APIs in the preview Support library that enhance your app’s notifications with features such as voice replies and notification pages.
  • After all these are done, you need to keep these tips in mind that Google are looking for in the Apps developed for Android wear.
  • Google is looking for Apps, that depict Simplicity that can make the information in the app available at a single Glance, which should not require any or minimal interaction with the device.
  • The Icons in Android wear should a size of 32 x 32 with an 8dp padding around it and the images should always go behind the notifications.
  • There should not be a Complicated or overcrowded User Interface making is difficult for the users to concentrate on what exactly is the main content in the app.
  • The main thing which the app should work on is the Notifications and the full fledged Application sitting on the variable itself. And making the information available when you need it.
  • The notifications should be prioritized accordingly which in the case of multiple notifications should also be able to stack themselves up for easy viewing.
  • The User can also be able to access the notifications with the help of Voice-activated Google Now so the Apps should be able to use that feature to their benefit.
  • The Images in the interface should swipe to the Right, and the Notifications should be horizontally scrolled. And to get these effect Landscape Oriented Images are the best option to get the perfect look.
  • In the end Sagar, Seth says that all you need to do is keep the App simple and Minimal without making it overcrowded, and notification oriented with ease of scrolling and on-demand access.

Follow these Tips for Developers for Android Wear given by Sagar Seth, who is an Android Engineer and develop some amazing apps for the Wearable device storming the market.

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