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The Best Wearable Gadgets for Pets – Tracking, Listening and Recording




Wearable technology is not just concentrating on humans but also on pets like Dogs, and Cats at the moment with many wearable gadgets coming into existence. And not just one or two buy there are many types of gadgets that are either existing or are in the development stage.

There are some interesting Wearable gadgets out there in the market for your pets, which are equipped to not just track your pet. And their fitness but also do many other things like translate their thoughts into speech that is still in prototype stage at the moment. That we will be explaining in detail further on in the post.



Let us start with something unique and this is one such wearable gadget will catch your eye and also act as one, Eyenimal as the name suggests gives you a view of what your Cat or Dog will be seeing and you can watch that form the comfort of your house. Eyenimal which is in the market is a great device to keep track of what your pet is doing all day. One thing is that you cannot see the live feed from your device but as the device is equipped with 4GB built in memory and a 500mAh Li-Ion battery the camera can record up to two and a half hours of video and you have to connect the device to your computer or PC running on Win 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS and also Linux) with a USB cable transfer the videos and have a look at what your pet was doing all day.

The device has a great feature in the form of Motion sensing technology and when your pet is sleeping or stationary the Video camera goes into Sleep mode thus saving lot of battery. It is also equipped with Night Vision which adjusts with the dull light and records good videos in low light too.



It Is the basic type of Activity tracker which you can find a lot lately in the market for Humans like FitBit, etc., but this is to track your pets fitness, not yours. This device is similar to what Fitbit does on humans, and this device does the same on your pet, tracking their daily activities like Walking, number of steps, sleeping cycles, eating habits, etc. These activities are then taken and put together to decide what type your pet comes under – Dynamic, Active and Lazy.

The device can be worn by any pet more than 2 kg in weight, and it is completely waterproof. As you have an App in Fitbit, there is also an App for Petbit, called the Tractive Motion App on your iOS or Android device running later than 4.3 version. There is an option to track multiple pets at the same time by just naming each device with your pets name. The device connects wirelessly to your Smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It is a great device to track your pets fitness, and it is available in the market at a price of 90 Euros.

No More Woof

No More Woof

It is another exciting device which is still under development, and it is named aptly and the device is said to act as your Dogs Mind Reader or Translator. It is just for your Dogs and not for cats. Many Dog owners like myself always feel what my little fellow is thinking at the moment when he stare with his cute little eyes at me. And if this device turns out to be what the developers vision is, it will sell like hot cakes with dog owners lining up to get one.

The device is said to work on a combination of EEG-sensoring, Micro Computing and ‘special BCI software’ ,which will track your dogs common thought patterns like “I’m tired”, “I’m excited”. And possibly “I’m hungry” and the clearly intense brain activity when a dog sees a new face, that we translate into: “Who ARE you?”, And will turn that into the words that the device will spell out through the help of a Loudspeaker attached to the device. The device can is said to translate in many human languages and will be able to finally what your dog is thinking and not just the barking, growling and whining.

The Pooch Suit

The Pooch Suit

It is another device which is the developing stage and is quite interesting as well, the device as the name suggests is a Suit that your dog should wear and as seen from the prototypes it seems quite hefty and bulky. The concept behind this device is that it should act as a Wearable device to help walk your device using Remote Control. So this device is made for lazy people who are too tired or lazy to take your dog for its daily walk. The device is equipped with the likes of a microprocessor a GPS receiver and wireless radio to speak or give commands to your dog.

The suit can be controlled via a remote control which you will be handling and with the help of Vibrations you will be able to give commands and train your dog accordingly to change directions depending on the vibrations. So let’s see how efficient the suit becomes once the official prototype is released.

There are many other fitness trackers and wearable gadgets for pets like the Whistle GPS, Voyce etc which track your pets health and fitness and as time goes by we can expect even more devices to come by as the wearable gadgets scope is ever-expanding for both humans and pets alike.


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