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LG Lifeband Touch Fitness Tracker with Android & iOS Compatibility – Pricing Details



LG Lifeband Touch Official

LG had announced something similar last year, named the Smart Activity Tracker, and that failed. Why? LG didn’t take it ahead and didn’t launch it at all. This time, they have some serious plans as LG Lifeband Touch fitness tracker is announced with some extra features and an additional accessory. There’s more than just the step counting because the band shows the time, connects to your Android or iOS smartphone and sends stats to it, and along with that, would show the notifications and even control the music. What else do you want from a product from an excellent brand?

Update: The pricing set for the LG Lifeband Touch is $150, while that for the heart rate earphones is $180, which although is a good pricing, the band is priced in the affordable range for those who are new into the world of wearables and wanted to have a hand on the latest best, while the earphones are a bit costly, though they aren’t being priced for nothing.

There’s an OLED display on the fitness tracking band, which is a touchscreen one, and you can swipe around, check like how you do on the Fitbit One and read notifications, accept calls and even play music.

LG did confirm that this band would be accelerometer-based fitness tracker with altimeter which means it is water resistant. And it would be connecting to the smartphones with the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, while you would be able to check the calorie consumption based on the number of steps you walked. Thus, it could easily be an alternative, a better one, to the Nike FuelBand which although is used by many fitness freaks, isn’t a choice as many such alternatives have been emerging in the recent time.

LG Lifeband Touch 2 LG Lifeband Touch Time

The Fitbit Force and the Withings Pulse would face some serious competition here from the LG Lifeband Touch because of its compatibility. The additional features and one accessory, which the users can opt to get along with it – the heart rate earphones which would not just play the music. But at the same time would check for the heart rate by assessing the blood flow in the ear.

Pretty cool, when you are actually getting some stuff by not using something additional and noticeable, right? But how does that work? There’s a sensor called PerformTek in the earphone which would keep a continuous contact with the blood vessels in the ear and find the oxygen consumption and blood flow to assess the heart rate, and then would send the stats via Bluetooth.

The app in the smartphone would have the compatibility with some fitness apps such as the Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal app, and thus, that would make it easier to keep a track of the fitness and set goals.



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