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How to charge your Samsung Gear Fit (with Charging Dock)



The Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is a great wearable device, which acts as both, a Smartwatch and also a Fitness Tracker. The battery life of Galaxy Gear fit is quite short, around three days of full usage because of the Bluetooth Connectivity and the presence of Pedometer and use of Heart rate monitor.

Samsung Gear Fit Charging Dock

The company tells us that Gear Fit should be fully charged before using it for the first time. Your Galaxy Gear fit can be charged using the regular wall mount Samsung Charger or even by connecting to a Computer or Laptop by connecting it with the help of a USB cable.

How to charge Samsung Gear Fit: Instructions

Along with the Galaxy Gear Fit you will getting a Charging Dock in the box.

Samsung Gear Fit Charging Accessories

Take your Gear Fit and on the back side you can see that there is a charging terminal socket which acts as the charging terminal. Take the charging dock and place the charging terminals of Galaxy Gear Fit and the Charging Dock facing each other.

After connecting the charging dock, you should look at the side where the button is available on the Gear fit. At this place on the Charging Dock you can see the Multipurpose Jack into which the original Samsung Charger Cable should be placed. The charger cable can be connected to the Wall mount charger or any Laptop or PC to help us charge the device easily. This is one of the advantages, just like for the smartphones where you can charge the device even with the computer’s USB connection.

Samsung Gear Fit Charging Dock Pins

Ensure that the pins in the Gear Fit and the Dock are at the same level, and the notch in the dock is parallel to the heart rate sensor.

Samsung Gear Fit Charging

If you want to Charge your Gear Fit device with Laptop or PC then you need to connect the small end of the USB cable provided to the Gear fit charging Dock and the larger USB to the USB slot in your Laptop or PC. Charging will be slower when connected to PC compared to the Wall mount Charger.

Samsung Gear Fit Charger Connected

After you have completed Charging of your Gear Fit device you can separate the Charging Dock from the Gear Fit device by holding the Gear fit with one hand and using the finger tip of another hand engaging the outside bulge which can be seen beside the Multipurpose Dock and pushing it down which will separate the Charging Dock from the Gear Fit device.

Samsung Gear Fit Charging

The Gear Fit can be charged with either the wall charger or with the USB charger.

The company states that while charging the Gear Fit will get heated up which should be ignored, if the cable is connected incorrectly to the Charging Dock it might affect the device performance and life span. Any fluctuations in Current can lead to the Screen not functioning which will become normal when the charger is disconnected.

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