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How to Upgrade Samsung Gear Fit Software with Samsung Kies / Bluetooth



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Samsung Gear Fit Software Update

The Samsung Gear Fit is an upgrade from the earlier Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. There are many new features in this device compared to the earlier version, and the design aspect has been given importance making it one of the best looking Smart Watch around.

As we see frequent updates and upgrades in the OS in Samsung Galaxy devices, the same applies to the Gear Fit as well. So here is a tutorial showing you how to upgrade your Gear fit to the latest Software.

How to Update Samsung Gear Fit

You have two techniques with which you can update your device to the latest software which are using Samsung Kies and Updating Gear Fit through Bluetooth connection of your Smartphone.
Updating Gear Fit using Samsung Kies:

  • Using your Laptop or PC you need to download and Install the latest version of Samsung Kies from the official Samsung Website.
  • After downloading, install Kies on your Laptop or PC and Launch it.
  • Now connect the Gear Fit to your Computer using a USB cable provided in the box.
  • Now you can see your Gear for device in your Kies software as it automatically detects and scans for any Updates available for your device.
  • If the pop-up box does not appear click on the Gear Fit device name in Kies and from the options shown click on “Firmware Upgrade” to start the upgrade process
  • And if the pop up box appears if any update is available which will be displayed in the dialogue box, click on the UPDATE button in the dialog box to start the upgrade.
  • Once the upgrade has started do not turn off your device or computer or disconnect the USB cable from the Gear Fit, which will lead to incomplete Upgrade.
  • Now you need to follow the steps that appear and click on the desired option to complete the Upgrade process by following the instructions shown.
  • Now you can see an Upgrade Complete message on the Gear Fit device screen and your Gear Fit will automatically Reset to complete the upgrade.

Note: Make sure that the battery of your Gear Fit is full before you attempt the Upgrade process. Do not disconnect your device from the computer or turn your computer off during the upgrade process which will affect the upgrade process. Do not use your Gear fit during the upgrade.

Updating Galaxy Gear Fit using Bluetooth Connection of your Smartphone

  • When a new Software update is available for your Gear fit while it is connected to your Smartphone through Bluetooth connection, you will be getting a Notification on your Mobile device about the available update.
  • When you see the notification, click on the notification that will take you to the latest Software available for upgrade.
  • After you click on Upgrade, the process starts automatically and you need to follow the instructions given to easily complete the update.

This process is very easy compared to the Samsung Kies method. But care should be taken that Bluetooth connection is not lost in between the upgrade which can happen when both the devices are more than 30 feet apart or when you answer a call which can sometimes break the Bluetooth connection and also make sure that both your Smartphone and Gear Fit devices are charged fully before attempting the Update process.

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