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How to Reset your Jawbone Up Band (Soft & Hard Reset)



There are several reasons for your Jawbone Up band to get unresponsive and not charge, or not sync the data. That is when you would look for an option to restart the processor in the little band. Thanks to it’s makers, you have got two options to do a refresh and reset the band before you try to make it work. The user can do a hard or soft reset of the Jawbone Up.

Reset Jawbone Up

Soft Reset Jawbone Up

To do a soft reset of the Jawbone Up, you will have to do the following steps.

  • Connect the 3.5mm pin of Jawbone up to the USB cable, and the plug the USB cable into a USB port of your computer or a working charging USB port.
  • Now press and hold the button of the Jawbone up in your hand.
  • Continue pressing the button while you plug the band into the USB cable.
  • The band would start flashing the yellow and red colors, and that is when you need to release the button, and the reset is done.
  • To finish the reset, you need to sync Jawbone up with the app.

Hard Reset Jawbone Up

Before doing a hard reset, do note that it would delete all the history and data in the band and you will see a totally fresh Jawbone up. This is to be done only when any of the issues is not solved with the soft reset.

Here are the steps you need to follow to do a hard reset of the Jawbone up.

  • Check whether there is some battery left in the Jawbone up.
  • Press the button on your band for 10 times.
  • On the 10th press, hold the button for 10 seconds until there is a red light flashed on the band.
  • To complete the reset, you will have to sync the jawbone up (follow the link given above) with the app, like you do when using the band for the first time.

These resets are useful only when your Jawbone up is not performing well, not charging or is going unresponsive to the app. It’s a suggestion that you first do a soft reset and check whether the issue is solved, before proceeding with a hard reset.

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