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How to Enter Download / Recovery Mode in Samsung Gear 2



The Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch can give you the notifications, help you call and talk directly from the watch, counts your steps and tracks the fitness, but a lot more can be done by the latest software versions. We are talking of software versions and updates because the Gear 2 smartwatch is run by the Tizen OS, a fully functional operating system used by the company for the smartwatches, starting from this version of Gear.

For a user to do something more and install a new software version, or even to reset the OS, the Gear 2 has to be taken into the download / recovery mode. Many might be wondering whether such things are possible on such a tiny gadget which at one time was only for displaying time.

Enter Download / Recovery Mode in Samsung Gear 2

To enter the download or recovery mode in the Gear 2, you need to follow the below steps.

You don’t need to go the Settings and the only button that would everything for you here is the “Home” button which is the only physical key on the smartwatch.

Samsung Gear 2 Download Mode 1

Press and hold the home key in the Gear 2 until you see that the screen gives the option for turning the device Power Off / Restart and changing the profile.

Samsung Gear 2 Download Mode 2

Keep pressing the key until you see the screen turning off and turning on with a message “Rebooting…”

Samsung Gear 2 Download Mode 3

Once you see this message, stop the continuous pressing and now hit the same Home button for 2-3 times until the Download / Recovery mode screen appears. This should be there for a very small time until you keep pressing the same button to navigate between the options.

Samsung Gear 2 Download Mode 4

Just like in the smartphones, you will not be able to use the touchscreen while the Gear 2 is in the download mode, thus you have to repeatedly press the home key to navigate and choose between one of the options. You need to leave the button when you wanted to select the particular option from the list. Using the recovery mode is not really easy, but entering it is just a simple trick.

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