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How to Lock Samsung Gear Fit Screen when Bluetooth is Disconnected [Privacy Lock]



Samsung Gear Fit is Smart watch which can do everything which your Smartphone can, from calls to the camera, messaging, etc. So there is a big issue of privacy which comes up as anyone can access your phone through the Gear Fit when it is synced, or connected through Bluetooth and also when you have stopped using your Gear fit and disconnected it from your Smartphone.
To counter this there is a Privacy Lock option given by Samsung that should be activated to set a Four digit pin to unlock your Gear Fit whenever it is locked. It is a great feature as it allows you to be assured of your privacy.

How to Activate and Use Privacy Lock option in Gear Fit

From your Gear Fit Home Screen, you have a scroll to the Left or Right to get the Settings App which will be beside the Notifications and Media Controller Apps.

Samsung Gear Fit Privacy Lock 1

Tap on Settings App and then scroll to the Right to find the Privacy Lock Option. Tap on it, and you will find three options – Pin, None, Help and the Back option.

Samsung Gear Fit Privacy Lock 2

To Activate Pin Lock you need to Tap on the Pin option which will direct you to another page.

Samsung Gear Fit Privacy Lock 3

Samsung Gear Fit Privacy Lock 7

Here you will be getting the message “The Privacy lock option will be seen when the Bluetooth is disconnected.” Next you will be getting an option to set a four digit PIN code to help activate the privacy lock option.

Samsung Gear Fit Privacy Lock 4

Using the Up and down arrows above and below the respected numbers you have to set your desired Lock code. Now click on the “Tick” mark present on the right side of the screen which will now accept the lock code and take you back to the Privacy Lock Options page.

Samsung Gear Fit Privacy Lock 5

Here make sure that the PIN option is selected and go back to your home screen.

Whenever you disconnect your Gear Fit device form your Smartphone Privacy Lock will get activated automatically and, you will have to unlock your Gear Fit by entering the four-digit password which you saved earlier.

Your Bluetooth connection will be present for 30 feet so if anytime your device gets stolen, or the distance between your device and phone is more than 30 feet the Privacy lock gets activated automatically and makes it useless for a thief.

Make sure you don’t put any common or very difficult Passwords which you might not remember. And even if you do we will be writing a Step by Step tutorial on how to Unlock your Gear fit when you forgot the password.

Samsung Gear Fit Privacy Lock 6

It is a very useful option for those who don’t always have the device beside the Gear Fit, and still want to maintain the security of the wearable. Check out such tips at the Samsung Gear Fit section.

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