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How to Change / Remove the Strap of Samsung Gear Fit



Samsung Gear Fit Strap 4

Samsung Gear Fit has a very neat looking design with a rectangular screen and curved to giving It a very elegant look which adapts to your wrist. Gear Fit comes with interchangeable Straps that mean that you can change the strap and put on a strap that will go with your attire. You will need to buy the customs Straps separately as you won’t be getting any additional straps with the device.

So if you are a person who would like to keep changing the strap color and design to suit your occasion, and attire you will need to know how to Change or Remove and Replace the Straps in Samsung Gear Fit.

How to change / remove the strap in Gear Fit

Take you gear fit in your hand, and there is no need to turn off your device for this procedure.
Now you have to hold the strap at any one corner of the device with two fingers.

Samsung Gear Fit Strap 1

Now put slight force and peel the Strap towards the Screen side and not towards the Back of the device.
After you free one end, you can easily peel out the whole Strap over the device screen and separate the device from the Strap.
The Strap and the device just fit into each other making it easy to remove.

Samsung Gear Fit Strap 2

Now that you have removed the Strap successfully you should also know how to mount one back on the device.

How to Replace or Mount the Gear Fit device on the Strap

Samsung Gear Fit Strap 3

  • Take the Gear Fit device in one hand and the Strap in the other.
  • Align both the Strap and the Device by looking at the contour of the device and match it to the Strap.
  • Now you have to push any one side of the device into the strap mounting hole first and then insert the other end of the device into the mounting hole
  • While you are doing this you have to pull the strap up at the same time so that the middle area of the device is also sitting securely in the mounting hole, and also make sure that it is properly aligned with the strap.
  • The Rubber Band / Strap makes it very easy to remove and replace without much harm to the device, and it is very useful for us to change the strap according to the occasion and dress which we are wearing.

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