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Technical comparison from Honor 8 single and dual-camera imaging



Honor is known for delivering the best quality standards when it comes to affordable products. Over the years since it’s inception, we have seen the company grow in the sense of establishing a connection with its user base. It’s about offer innovation in the hands of consumers at a groundbreaking price. This time around for their latest flagship handset, the company might have priced it little higher than what was expected by the industry experts, but there is a valid reasoning that company thinks it’s users would understand.

It is the look, feel, and performance of their Honor 8 handset which is so much fantastic that it’s all worth it. You might have read our detailed review of the handset couple of weeks back when the company launched the handset in the country. Now today we are talking in detail about the camera technology this new Honor handset uses to challenge even the best of the smartphone cameras that have come out this year. Below you can read what the dual camera setup is and how does it work, it’s all explained in the simplest manner we could have.


As you know by now that Honor 8 comes with a dual camera setup, the company being the first to introduced the dual camera setup on their Honor 6 Plus had the required expertise to improvise and modify camera output. And that is what company has done on their Honor 8. Taking some queues from Huawei P9, which is their parent company’s smartphone. The latest flagship from the young mobile brand has outdone many camera imaging setups currently available in the market.

Out of two lenses, one allows for rich color output, while other offers monochrome feature, which is said to offer more light and increased sharpness to the output. Using best of both world’s Honor 8 manages crisper and more detailed photos that are possible. The Monochrome setup means that second lens lacks bayer filter which is used in a camera to produce color images. This enables the monochrome lens to capture three times more light and thus helping in creating better outputs in low-light photography. On top of relying on capturing more light, the secondary B&W sensor is also helpful in playing with depth of field. Thus offering to create impressive bokeh effect outputs.

Gallery – Bokeh Effect Samples


As you launch the camera app, you can swipe to the left or right to view options if you don’t want to just, point and shoot. When you swipe towards left it will bring up the menu where you can adjust the size of the image, turn on location services, add grid layout, etc. While talking about accessing Auto, Pro, HDR and Panorama, you can switch between them quickly. The camera is incredibly easy to operate, even with little efforts you can expect impressive outputs.

Such ease and quality earlier only hoped on expensive camera setups, but Honor has tried to bring it to their smartphone, and I would tell you that they have most certainly succeeded in doing so. Another interesting thing about the software is that the Pro setting is quite intuitive, once you start playing and understanding (if not already) with aperture, focus and white balance, then you will definitely enjoy having this phone with you on every step of your life.


Honor has tried to achieve what many smartphone brands are trying to do for the past couple of years. And why we believe that this young brand has achieved the feat of offering greatest camera setup under an ideal pricing. The reason can be seen in the outputs which you can see in the gallery above as well as in our detailed review. Once you take the handset in your hand for a spin, then you will realize how easy it is to capture amazing shots when you have such a beautiful camera setup in your hands.

That is the main difference between a single and a dual camera imaging setup; you get to have so much depth of field and details within one shot. It can be said about moments in life. You may never know when the precious moments arrive, and when they arrive wouldn’t you like to be enabled with the best camera in your hands. Yes, you do!

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