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Apple selling refurbished iPhones at 30% discounted pricing on its US Store



If one thing which Apple was not doing till now, was not selling the refurbished variants of its iPhones. It’s almost a decade now since they launched their first iPhone ever and all this time they sold over a billion iPhones. But guess what, none of them were refurbished. Well, it’s not the same anymore. Apple has now started selling refurbished iPhones through its US online Stores. What does that mean? Well, for one thing, you can get the iPhone at a cheaper price  now and still get the same confidence of buying a new one since you will be retaining the warranty support.

Yes, previously also the refurbished iPhones were available to purchase but they were from some third party sellers and not from Apple themselves. These new ones from the company can be trusted since they are refurbished by Apple themselves and if something goes wrong, you can claim it under warranty and get it replaced or fixed in no time. And considering the fact that the iPhones are refurbished by the company itself, they won’t have any problems. At least these will be way better than buying from some unknown third party off of Amazon or Ebay.

Also, if you are wondering what is the difference between the new one and these refurbished models, then the first thing which you should know is that these iPhones are used ones. These are basically the ones which someone used and probably replaced with some new phone or maybe replaced due to some fault. These units are then picked by the company are refurbished to be sold to customers in the market for a comparatively less price. Hence, in any case, don’t expect them to shine like a new variant or maybe even expect some minor flaws in terms in the way it looks.

And this is why you are paying a slightly less price i.e. about 30-percent discounted price in comparison to a new phone. Currently, Apple is selling iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models starting at $449 for the 16GB iPhone 6s and $529 for the 16GB 6s Plus. They launched the iPhone 6s last year for $649 for the 16GB and the iPhones 6s Plus for $749 for the base model. And as of now, if you want this 16GB variant, then this is the only place to get them since the company now sells the 32GB variant as the base models. Do make a note that these variants are SIM-free and unlocked and each one of them come with one year of warranty.

Apple says that they have completely replaced the outer shells as well as the batteries of these iPhones and hence you will not have any problems there. And the only possible reason for this introduction of the new refurbished iPhone sales is to clear out the inventory of older iPhones more easily. And yes, with this they are also giving chance to people for getting on board the iOS eco-system at a cheaper price. Well, we just have to see how it goes now. Let us know if you would ever buy a refurbished smartphone.


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