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Vivo V5s Vs OnePlus 3T Selfie Camera Comparison – Which is the Best?



A couple of days back, Vivo launched the new Vivo V5s smartphone which is more like a slightly upgraded version of the existing Vivo V5 smartphone. We are looking at a very minimal difference here between both the devices. If you are interested to know the difference in detail, then we did a full comparison between the two and you should totally check it out. You can read the full comparison between the Vivo V5 Vs Vivo V5s here. Now with that out of the way, let’s focus on what we are here for.

One of the highlights of the Vivo V5s smartphone, as we all know, is the front-facing selfie camera. It is yet another offering from the company where we have 20MP front-facing selfie camera along with the Moonlight flash. Now when you compare it to most of the new devices, this one pretty much outperforms each one of them, at least in taking selfies. We have been receiving a lot of requests to do a selfie camera comparison of the Vivo V5s and the OnePlus
3T and hence we decided to do a quick comparison between the two and give you a brief idea on which one is the best.

The reason why we chose OnePlus 3T here for this comparison is because this is one of the most requested and also, the main difference which we saw on the OnePlus 3T and the OnePlus 3 itself was the front facing camera. Hence we thought this could be a fair comparison keeping all the specs and the price point aside. On the other hand, if you want us to compare the Vivo V5s with some other device also, then be sure to let us know and we will try to make it happen very soon. Now let’s quick check out what we are dealing here with.

Front Facing Selfie Camera Samples –

As mentioned earlier, we decided to keep this short and simple and hence we didn’t go crazy on a selfie spree. Ideally, we decided to put these cameras at in 3-4 different conditions and check which one gives the best shot. So as you can see in the first scenario, we just wanted to see which one has a better camera overall. The images which you are seeing below here was taken inside our office under studio lighting. (click on the images to view in full size)

Now moving on, let’s just quickly see how does the beautification mode work on both of these devices. Unlike the Vivo V5s, the OnePlus 3T doesn’t have a separate camera mode for face beauty, but there is an option on the front facing camera which can turn on to enhance the look of your face. We decided to give it a shot on both the devices and voila!

Although both the images look great, the beauty mode on the Vivo V5s offers better quality overall. And not just that, the Vivo V5s has another new feature which the OnePlus 3T doesn’t offer. Yes, we are talking about the Group selfie mode a.k.a Groupfie! The Vivo V5s camera has a separate mode for group selfies and you can use this mode to get more people in the frame very effortlessly. And the resultant image? Well, look for yourself.

By this time, i think we already know which smartphone is better in this so called game of selfies. However, if you are still not convinced that the Vivo V5s is better in comparison to the OnePlus 3T, then check out these next set of selfies. (Yes, just bare with my face here for a few more clicks)

As you can see that we decided to test the front facing cameras out in low light condition. In this room, the light source is in front of me i.e. behind the camera and the resultant images look quite good for a camera. But if you see closely, the Vivo V5s managed to keep the colors quite natural and the OnePlus 3T fails in doing that. This is very important to see since there might be a lot of times when you might want to capture selfie in some low light condition.

For the next test, we literally just shut down all the light sources and naturally, the room was pitch black and we couldn’t see anything. This is one of those cases where you absolutely need a flash to support your photo. And the Vivo V5s manages to pull off a pretty decent image given that there was no other light source other than that flash. It is also worth noting that the Automatic flash works well on the Vivo V5s. Even if there is a small light source which could be enough for taking the selfie, the smartphone won’t throw the flash unnecessarily.


So after spending an evening full of taking selfies with both the Vivo V5s and the OnePlus 3T, we have come to a conclusion that the Vivo V5s does what it claims to do. Being a selfie-centric smartphone, it doesn’t disappoint us when it comes to taking selfies. Be it low-light selfies during a late night party or be it times when you have a lot of friends to fit them into the frame, the Vivo V5s comes in handy in all of these situations and that’s a lot saying. OnePlus 3T is not bad by any means but if you are all about that Selfie life and if you always the best selfies, then undoubtedly the Vivo V5s is the one to go for here.

Now having said that, we would like to know what do you think about this? Do you prefer the selfies taken on the Vivo V5s or the one taken on OnePlus 3T? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below and also, stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more comparisons like this.

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