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JioBroadcast App to offer LIVE TV Streams on Jio’s LTE-enabled devices



Jio Broadcast App

Reliance has officially launched a suite of applications that are currently available to all their subscribers for free of cost. The applications and the subscriptions to these would generally cost around Rs 15,000 per year but as part of the welcome offer, everyone can get the benefits for free. In fact just before the JIO 4G Launch reliance had renamed few of the apps & from the publicly available list there’s no mention of this application called as the JioBroadcast App.

The application that according to the Play Store information would work only on Jio LTE-Broadcast test devices only though a quick check shows that the app is downloaded already by more than 10,000+ users. Clearly mentioning that the app is in development, may be unstable before someone downloads it from the Google Android play store. To give a try we installed the app on a 4G smartphone that was connected to the JIO 4G services. Post the installation it asked us to download the JioBroadcast Agent v1 plugin that’s also another app in the play store available to the beta users who have to signup as a tester. Followed are the screenshots of the same.

Jio Broadcast App Screenshots

The application is based on eMBMS technology that enables you to easily access and watch the broadcast streams of popular TV shows in HD. Again a small hint on the play store’s screenshot does mention that there is a “Go Live” option that could either allow the user to go live and share his view or else scrub the video to the live playback. We can only know once the feature is available since the app looks dead at this moment and there’s no content shown on the same. According to some information mentioned it would feature Sports, news, popular shows and movies under the different sections.

The Smartphones running on Apple or Windows OS do not support JioBroadcast at the moment. There is a selected list of smartphones on which the app will be working and will be officially compatible though you can head over to the play store and try it out. If you have found out any new Reliance Jio related specific app that we have not covered here, let us know in the comments section below.

Note: We have reached out to our contact at reliance for an update on the availability of the content on this app & have been told that it should be resuming soon. If you have already got the 4G SIM Card, try installing the app & check if the streaming works or not.


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