JioJoin renamed to Jio4GVoice Adds New Interface, Dialer & More Features

by Vishal Toshiwal 6

Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt. Ltd., the RJIL’s company responsible for the Jio Premium apps is rolling out an update to one of their apps. Earlier it was MyJIO app, which after update received several features such as managing devices as well as now allows any 4G enabled the device to generate a unique code for getting the JIO SIM Card.

Now the company has started to send an update for it’s HD Voice calling app, JioJoin. The first change that we would like to talk about is the name change to Jio4GVoice. Looking at the 4G Voice calling feature, it was a fitting name. Earlier, the company has renamed several of its Jio Premium apps such as Jio Cinema, JioTV and JioMusic.

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While this update was pushed last night, most of the users have reported that they have received it this morning. Nonetheless. The new update brings a list of changes such as an all new user interface, which brings enhanced user experience. There is a new dialer as well, which is quite intuitive than earlier.

The current version of the Jio4GVoice is 4.0.4, and it requires Android 4.0 and above on your Android device to instal it. The new update also brings share features such as maps. You can now Doodle during a call. Apart from promising the rich calling experience on VoLTE devices, the group chat feature on this device now allows the addition of up to 100 users in a group.

Another highlight of this update is that it brings Android N Compatibility. Since, the new Android flavour has been made official by Google and LG has already announced it;s V20 to be coming with Android 7.0 Nougat in India as well. We feel Reliance Jio has planned ahead by analysing the needs of users. It’s good to see such new welcoming updates.

Apart from new user interface and swell of changes, the Indian Language keyboard is now supported on Jio4GVoice app.Additionally, there is a feature where you can open a contact profile and put device near your ear and it will connect call. You don’t have to press the call button. Note that by default it will connect to voice call but not video call.

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  • Good to see Jio improving its apps and being precise with its names..
    But most importantly they should improve their networks and feasibility service first!

    • Dexter John

      Probably you talking about, Call drops or Calls say network busy
      If you see this as a problem, with some message saying “All lines in this route are busy” or something similar to this, it is a problem with the other network providers and not with Jio. It is the disagreement to give Jio the interconnect points that are necessary for the call to connect. According to the leading telecom providers, i.e. Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, etc. every call that a receiver is getting, has a charge that the call initiating network has to pay.
      Jio is not paying that because according to Reliance, Jio is an IP based network and the calls are made on the Internet. The issue is still on right now and the networks have not yet patched up together.

  • Vaidhyanathan Srini

    Why it is not providing jio4gvoice /jiojoin for iphone users

    • Dexter John

      When people have more money to buy I phone, why they need FREE Jio service, this may the reason jio din’t make a app for i phone LOL
      (just kidding)

  • Vikas Gill

    I read that iphone 6(and later) users can make calls without jiojoin or jio4gvoice but i am unable to. Is there something i am missing or it is the case with everyone

  • Deepak awasthi

    there is no dialler in jio4gvoice app for making calls, handset is Samsung A5 2016. is this an issue with app or there some settings as i have given all the permissions to the app.


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