Reliance Jio 4G Pricing, Plans, Data Packs & your 25 Questions Answered

by PhoneRadar Bureau 80

Reliance Jio, Mukesh Ambani-led telecom giant, which has become synonymous with 4G Smartphone owners in India has announced some interesting news today at the 42nd Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited held in Mumbai.

Jio is India’s first all-IP network, which is future ready for 5G and 6G technology. It will allow the company to adopt future mobile technologies quite faster than non-IP networks. Today, the company has covered 18,000 cities and 2 Lakh villages. He promises that by March 2017, 90% of India’s population.

LYF Handset

Today, Jio has announced LYF smartphones price at as low as RS 2,999 and JioFi personal router Rs 1,999. This makes LYF handsets the most affordable 4G handset provider in the country. You can move to higher speced handsets in the range to Rs 3,999, Rs 4999, and Rs 5,999. Apart from the new LYF handset announcement, Mr Ambani announced the Rs 15,000 worth of Jio Premium Apps subscription would be available for free up to December 2017.

Starting with Mumbai and Delhi, Reliance would be offering e-KYC procedure, any JIO customer carrying an Aadhaar card would be able to walk out with an activated SIM in just 15 minutes. talking about tariffs, there won’t be any charges for voice calls charges as well as roaming for Jio customers. Meaning Jio subscribers would get free unlimited high quality voice calls and can roam around across India without worrying about roaming bills.

The telecom giant has announced data tariffs starting at Rs 50/ GB, which is being touted as the lowest in the world. It is ten times affordable than any existing data plans by other private players in the country. Additionally, no more double rates for SMSs during public holidays such as Diwali, Holi, etc. Meaning no blackout days.

Jio - Prepaid Plans 1

Jio - Prepaid Plans 2

Talking about the tariffs, there are no upfront commitments are required as well as there are only simply one plan with data, voice and SMS benefits. No confusion among users. The tariffs starts at Rs 149 and goes up to Rs 4999 with validity varying for 28 days. Moreover, there are a day’s charges starting at Rs 19, 199 and 299 with all the benefits of voice, data and SMS. Nearly 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots across India, colleagues, schools and other public places.

The company is unveiling a Student Plan under which the college and school students would be able to get 25% more data in same tariff plans. They have claimed to connect up to 30,000 schools and college. There is a separate plan for Enterprise as we reported earlier. Creating a set of unique services, like affordable international rates, first of it’s kind concierge services and view conference services.

Lowest Data in World

Mukesh Ambani has also announced the Free Welcome Offer which includes unlimited data, voice, video, Wi-Fi and Jio Apps. It would be valid up to December 31st 2016.

Top 100 cities would be getting Fibre network rollout in the coming days starting with select cities. Under this, 1 Gbps high speed data would be offered. This is a solution for enterprise, therefore company has tied up with small as well as big firm in the country. There is a startup fund announced for young startup in country. There are works going on for apps related to education, health and agriculture.

Mukesh Ambani has set a target of 100 Million subscribers for it’s JIO team to set a record of reaching this mark in shortest period. Moreover, a 250 Crore GB data usage is expect by company when they reach 100 million mark. He addressed the issue of interconnectivity and appealed other private telecom players for a easy MNP services if there users want to switch to JIO.

Reliance JIO welcomes India to sign up for JIO services starting September 5th as it marks the commercial launch of their services.

Below you can see the answers to some burning questions about the Reliance JIO services launched today.

Reliance JIO Questions & Answers

What are eligible tariffs for night plans?
All the tariff plans starting from Rs. 19 are eligible for unlimited night plans. Except Rs 149 as listed by company.

What are the timing for night plans?
It is reported that the timings for night plan are going to be from 2 AM to 5 AM. It is confirmed by company.

What are the criteria for students plans?
Nothing is stated by the company, but supposedly students with valid identity cards issued from their respective schools and colleges should be eligible for student plans on JIO.

How to activate students plans?
If you have a valid ID card as proof from your school or college, then you can head over to any Jio store and claim your Student offer.

What are the tariffs for students plans?
All the tariffs for student plans remain the same as that of the regular plans. But under student plans, users will be getting up to 25 percent additional data.

Is Jio Welcome Offer available for existing Jio users?
Yes, the Jio Welcome Offer is available for all the existing users as well, in addition to the new users. Under this offer, the Free unlimited data, voice calls & messages will be extended till 31st December.

How to do porting from existing mobile operator to Jio network?
Once the Jio network services go live starting 5th September, you will be able to walk into a Jio store with a unique code which you can get by dialling 1900. Submit your documents with this unique code and fill in the form and get your number ported from any current mobile network. You can check the detailed article here.

Will Jio have exclusive stores or will they continue their operations from Reliance Digital?
Jio already has Exclusive stores across the country. It is expected that more and more exclusive stores will open up once the services are adopted by the consumers.

Will Jio be available for non-4G smartphones i.e. will they offer 3G too?
Jio is not availble for non-4G smartphones. However, if you wish to use the services, then you can purchase a JioFi device and use it to create a hotspot and connect up to 10 devices wirelessly including the 2G & 4G devices. See the steps to make HD calls using JioFi device via Jio Join App.

How does minimum rate of Rs 50/gb arrive with the plans listed?
Once you exhaust your data limit, then users will be charged 5 paise/MB of data. This amounts to Rs. 50/GB.

When does the MNP to Jio starts?
The MNP to Jio starts from 5th September i.e. when the Jio mobile network launches officially.

What are Enterprise Plans?
Reliance Jio announced plans for corporate and media houses under enterprise plans. Where the company would be making services like video conference, concierge services as well as reduced international rates.

What are the tariffs for Enterprise Plans?
There is no information available regarding the tariffs for Enterprise JIO SIM as the company is yet to roll out this service.

What are the tariffs for Fibre Plans to Home?
Currently, the company hasn’t rolled out the FTTH service. It would first come to selected cities and then later expand to top 100 cities across India.

Does JioFi also qualify for free one yr 4G just like LYF phones?
As per information available, the company is not offering free 4G for either LYF handset owners or any Jio-FI owners. The free services are available until December 2016 only. After that tariffs apply for every user.

Is there any Network related helpline line Airtel’s open network?
Currently, the brand hasn’t made anything in the line of Airtel’s Open Network available where users can check the strength of network coverage. Though, the new telecom provider is working on providing this kind of a service where users can report as well if the network is weak.

Where are JIO services available in the country?
It would be available across the nation starting September 5th. You just have to walk down to nearest Reliance Digital, Xpress Mini or any third-party authorised store.

What is the Hotspot Data cap mentioned in tariffs?
The brand is going to introduce 1 Million hotspot across the country, and the Hotspot Data cap you see in tariffs is for accessing the internet using those Hotspots. They would be available at public locations such as colleges, schools and popular public places in the country.

Will it use data for VoLTE calls on JIO?
Yes, it will use data for VoLTE.

Will data used for VoLTE calls be used from the available data?
No, it will not be counted for in the available data which users get up on recharging.

I’m not able to make calls to Airtel from my JIO SIM. Will calls to other network become better in future?
Reliance appealed other telecom players regarding this situation as reported earlier. Airtel was among first to reply with a press release stating that company will be cooperating with Jio regarding call interaction between Jio to Airtel number.

What are the customer care number for Reliance Jio?
Dial 199 from your Jio number to get in touch with the customer number.

Will there be any blackout days?
No, Reliance clearly mentions that there will not be any blackout days and users will not be charged for any SMS at any given time.

Will there be any charges for the SMS?
No all the SMS and voice calls are free of cost.

Not able to connect to the internet from my Jio SIM. Why?
If you are facing this issue, then chances are that you might have saved the mobile internet settings required for the internet access. You can had over to our seperate article for getting APN details on your JIO SIM.

Is there a FUP for JIO Welcome Offer?

Yes, there is indeed. According to the sources, JIO users under Welcome Offer have FUP limit up to 4GB per day. Post expiry of the daily limit of 4GB 4G LTE data, unlimited data free at reduced speed of 128Kbps.

Is International Roaming facility available on Jio?

Yes, international roaming service would be available on shortly on your activated JIO SIM card. It would be chargeable according to the tariff listed my company. It would be separate for Prepaid and Postpaid Jio plans. You will be able to purchase the International Roaming voucher via MyJIO app as well as logging into JIO’s official website.

Can I make ISD calls from my JIO number while on the JIO Welcome Offer?

Yes, ISD calling facility would be provided on your JIO SIM Card shortly. You might be notified via SMS on your JIO Number when this service is available. Though, do make a note that they would be chargeable. Users would be able to recharge packs from My JIO app as well as can log in to for getting a recharge done. Similarly, international roaming facility would be provided and would be chargeable as well.

I Want to choose a preferred mobile number while availing Jio SIM. Can I do that?

Yes, you can choose from the numbers available at the Reliance Digital or Digital Xpress Mini stores.

Is converting from Prepaid to Postpaid and vice versa possible on Jio?

Yes, users can definitely migrate to any type of payment plan, i.e. Prepaid or Postpaid. They would be required to fill the migration application form and submit the set of Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Identity (POI) documents. Do make a note that if you’re under Jio Preview Offer and want to switch between Prepaid or Postpaid, then you need to go through the procedure again. It means fill CAF, submit POA and POI documents.

Can I switch my Jio number to another operator?

First, you need to know that you should have been with Jio for at least 90 days. And should not have any outstanding dues, legals or any contractual obligations.

Which date would be considered for port out from Jio?

The date of activation of the Jio SIM card would be considered for the port out process. After the 90 days with JIO services are finished you can switch to any other operator once any obligations are finished.

After Jio Welcome Offer is over, I would be moved to which Postpaid plan?

After 31st December 2016, PostPaid customers would be migrated to a default plan of Rs 499. You can, however, change to any other plan you wish for. Do that from My Jio app or sign in at Jio’s official website and select the plan your desire from the list.

What Postpaid plans would be available after December 31st, 2016?

You can browse through the Postpaid plans you would like to subscribe once the Jio Welcome Offer expires on January 1st, 2017.

What Prepaid plans would be available after December 31st, 2016?

We have listed Prepaid plans in detail at the start of this post. Scroll through and select the plans you like. You would have to subscribe to any one of them to continue using the Jio Prepaid SIM.

How to find if Jio Welcome Offer available in my city?

Reliance Jio Welcome Offer was announced for across nation and it is now available across various cities and villages. To know whether the Jio Welcome Offer is available in your city, head over to this URL.

Is my city eligible for Jio Postpaid service?

Jio has launched both Prepaid and Postpaid plans as well as announce the tariffs for both. If you feel the postpaid plans suit you then first you need to check whether the Jio Postpaid services are available in your city or not.

Disclaimer: The answer you see above reflects the information stated during the Annual General Meeting held this morning by Reliance Industries Limited. Some of the information are also taken from third-party Reliance Jio retailers. You can comment below if you feel any questions that we have answered above is not true. We shall not be responsible for the information shared above by us.

  • Nebu Cherian

    Jio has really caused a big problem to all other telecom companies in the country, the new plans are really good and I can definitely save a lot compared to what I’m spending right now.

    • Agree with your spends. I have toned down my Idea and Airtel usage. Been using Jio since 3 months now.

      • Robin George

        what are the speeds u get now and then?

    • Nebu Cherian

      1) I would like to know more about the free internet at night…timings ?
      2) I would like to know how to activate the student plans ?
      3) How do I port my number to Jio network ?

  • Dhilipan


  • sarvesh

    Whats that wifi section ,which they are giving 8gb under 499 plan

    • Adithya Raman

      Thats with their mifi modem. With a data only simcard.

      • Arpit Porwal

        No, those are jionet hotspot. It will be available at public places, I guess.

        • Adithya Raman

          Oh. Thanks for the info.

        • sarvesh

          Ohh . got it , nice idea by the way .

  • Adithya Raman

    What about porting?

  • Darshan patel

    Will exciting jio user get jio welcome offer??

  • Arpit Patel

    Does it work on 3g mobiles?

  • Arpit Porwal

    MNP details.
    The same JioFi2 will be available for 1999?
    The existing customers will also get the free services till 31st Dec?

    • Robin George

      asking the same….please reply phoneradar

    • Harsh Sharma

      Same question bro….

  • Robin Ghai

    Is porting available?If not, when to expect?

    Hotsoats availability timlines?

    Fiber broadband availability?

    Is there any Network related helpline line Airtel’s open network?

  • Dhilipan

    What about 1GB plan?? Also does JioFi also qualify for free 1 yr 4G just like LYF phones??

  • vbhoj74

    1. How does minimum rate of Rs 50/gb arrived with the plans given. For example at Rs 149 we are given 300mb.
    2. If one is using Jio Play/Movies streaming services, Rs 50/gb is also a very high plan.
    3. Will students be issued SIM with their eAadhar ?
    4. When will MNP start ?
    5. What would be corporate plans ?
    6. What are FTTH plans ?

    • Vikas

      Amit Sir do reply to the first question I was about to ask the same question! It’s so confusing 1GB for Rs 50 but only 0.30 GB for Rs 149 ?

  • Sujay Kadrekar

    1. When will be porting from other networks available?
    2. What’s the criteria for student offer, and for what duration will be valid?
    3. Will Jio have exclusive stores or will they continue their operations from Reliance Digital?
    4. Will Jio be available for non-4G smartphones i.e. will they offer 3G too?

    • Madhesh Kumar

      Porting starts September 5


    From now, can I get Jio SIM with preview offer for my CoolpadNote3 ?

    • Sayyed Mohsin Ali

      Sept 5

  • Rajendra Hegde

    Where can I buy a Jio Sim Card in Bangalore?

  • ppun

    I think with regular/normal usage ( very few movie downloads and youtube) one will eat up the 60GB data too within 20 days. Since with great speeds comes heavy data consuption too. Pl correct me If I am wrong.

    • sarvesh

      Ya it will be consumed within very few days since speed will be good , but 60GB is lot of data and no other companies are providing

      • ppun

        Brother, I hv been using jio for the last 3 days and my data usage shows 4GB/day. In this way 60 GB will be finished in 15 days. I have only downloaded 2 videos and watched nearly 40-50 youtube videos and downloaded a few apps only. Is there something wrong with my data usage calculator?

        • Vinesh Vivekanandan

          Data will depend on the video qlty and NW speed as well . Most of the utube videos are HD or FHd. On a high speed network these videos will render as HD or FHd leading to heavy data usage while on a low speed 3g NW utube mite stream the same videos in lower qlty resulting in low Data conception .

        • sarvesh

          As per whatever Vinesh said is correct . if u feel that youtube is consuming too much data then try to set resolution less may be around 420p.
          sometimes those 1hour videos will be around 1Gb of good quality .
          if u are using on pc then put application nwtworx application to monitor bandwidth.

          on pc chrome u can use data saver which will save your bandwidth 10-15%

  • Samyak Bhandari

    Will it be giving free jio sims to Redmi users from 5th sep with unlimited 4g data

    • Sayyed Mohsin Ali

      Yes its for all.

      • Samyak Bhandari

        I am not getting option to generate bar code in my samsung on7 and it is listed too in compatible device

  • jishnu vu

    is the welcome offer available for existing jio users using JioPreviewOffer. ?

  • Ameer Mukadam

    My question is simple. If i want to use a 1gb or 2gb per month plan then how much should i pay? I cannot pay 500rs per month.

    • Kishore Venktesh

      Buy the 149 plan, 50 bucks add per GB. 199 you get 1.3 gb

  • sun-e

    1. Process/Possibility for Number porting?
    2. Coverage was the biggest issue for Reliance GSM earlier. How strong the coverage is going to be, since the other mobile network carriers have strong hold everywhere.
    3. Device limitation, what about smartphones that are NOT on the ‘official’ white-list??

  • jishnu vu

    is welcom offer applicable for existing jio users.!!!???

  • pratik

    The timing for night data usage

    • sarvesh

      2am to 5 am

  • Samyak Bhandari

    I am not getting option to generate bar code in my samsung on7 ,and it is listed too in compatible device

  • Omar Azmi

    You posted a few days back that LYF device users will get 4G data free for a year. Is it there?
    What all benefits do a LYF device user gets. I want to know why would one buy a LYF device and not just a JIO sim.

  • J 123

    Will There be a Prepaid offer?
    When will this come to Bangalore?

  • Vikas

    When is Jio expected to accept MNP?

  • Lakshay Kaura

    Hi just one question, if someone already using JIO preview offer, will they still get free services till 31st december?

    • Akhil S


  • Vikas Garg

    In this article, author has answered the following question –

    “How does minimum rate of Rs 50/gb arrive with the plans listed?
    Once you exhaust your data limit, then users will be charged 5 paise/MB of data. This amounts to Rs. 50/GB.”

    I do not agree with the author on this, because if this is the case then everyone will buy only Rs149 or Rs499 plan. Because if we add Rs50/GB to these plans, even then these plans will be far cheaper than 999, 1499, 2499, 3999, 4999; and no one will buy these costlier plans, which the company may not want.

    • Also think about Unlimited Data at night, So how many ‘d opt for tariff plans above ₹1499!?

      • Vikas Garg

        That will depend on usage. For normal people, plans above 1499 are not practical.
        On the other hand, if data usage is more than 20 GB in daytime, or if someone do not want to wait until 2am to check email, or send WhatsApp message, or update Facebook post; unlimited night data will have least impact. Unlimited night usage is only for three hours. So, that will not be a major issue.

        • What 2am! 11/12. And nobody is getting free night data without a net pack! So why’d one wait? And one can use 5ps/MB even without a net pack! 🙂

          • Vikas Garg

            As I already said, I do not agree that there is any such plan. According to my information, 5ps/MB is applicable only for Jionet hotspots, not for mobile data.
            In the nutshell, apart from free voice calls (which everyone is using lesser these days), there is no ground breaking data tariffs.

          • I didn’t know about the 2-5AM limited time period! It’s not fair! Sorry!

      • Hari Sharma– 129& 299 prepaid validity need to be enhanced from 7-15 & 21- 28 days.
        Rs.50/GB is not a direct benefit . For heavy users this is just an average price only.
        If any one take 149 plan under post paid- they get 300 mb net, 100 sms & unlimited calling . Coming to bill another 15% service tax will be added. From next April it is 18%.
        No where it is mentioned that how to purchase Data for Rs.50/- Means it is not a direct benefit& just an average price for heavy users.

  • Suresh Kumar

    The tarrif will same for both the mobile and the JioFi router?

  • ” Will there be any charges for the SMS?
    No all the SMS and voice calls are free of cost. ”

    From the tariff list, it looks like except ₹149, all SMS are free!

    PS: I can’t read the text in the image clearly, so I’m not sure if I got this right! Kindly confirm.

    And ” Will data used for VoLTE calls be used from the available data?
    No, it will not be counted for in the available data which users get up on recharging. ”

    Does this mean someone who doesn’t need data to use internet, can use Jio service for calling, not just normal call, VoLTE at free of cost for life time!!?

    Kudos to Reliance! Reliance with Jio service brings “Transparency”, “Sustainability”!

    No hidden charges.
    Roaming free.
    No need of extra SIMs.
    One can use Data without a net pack at just 5 paisa per MB. So one’d have to recharge only if he needed internet data! Excellent!

    Night period; 2-5AM is not justified! That’s not a time to be online!!

    Long live Jio4G! Bravo! 🙂

  • Vinesh Vivekanandan

    Any updates from jio team on the ongoing call drop issue and the network speed drop for last few weeks . I know that they are still in testing but do we know if they are working on these concerns ? Call drop has become pretty serious as it mite impact the ground breaking free call offer ..

  • Bhartendu

    will the voice call work if someone exhausts data limit before 28 day validity and do not recharge data before 28 day’s?

  • Drupad Vyas

    Would i be able to use jio sim on Nexus 6P? I was going through jio website, it mentions jio will be available only for some selected decices starting from 5th September?

  • Vikrant Gupta

    Does anyone realize that its prepaid plan(look at 28 days validity), so if its prepaid, how JIO will charge for extra MB post usage, they cant send you bill , so clearly 5p/MB after limit exhaust doesn’t make sense.

    • sarvesh

      That will do reduction from your main balance .You should have balance in advance .
      like how call charges are applied ,same way

  • Robin George

    Normally phones in 3g can last upto 22 hours…i.e Talk time of S7 (Acc. to GSMARENA)
    What will be talk time of the phone in 4g networks?

  • Robin George

    Unlimited 4g at night mein kya speed hoga net ka? aur iss saal ka unlimited net welcome preview offer hai usme night unlimited plan kuch hai kya?….hey bhagwaan mere doston ko bahut saara questions hai

  • Vikram

    I have received the txt on my alternate number that my jio sim is ready for the televerication but when i have inserted the it doesn’t show network on my phone i have made the mobile network to lte only and i have manually searched the network but unable to registered on that network does my phn is blocked by the jio because before i have inserted one of my frnds jio sim on my device and from that day he is unable to call me which ever sim card i have inserted on this phone i am using asus zenfone 2 ze550ml plzz reply asap

  • Naren Voggu

    One question from my side
    Can we make calls without internet in Jio

  • Zubai

    As you mentioned JIO users under Welcome Offer have FUP limit up to 4GB per day. If I buy a JIO sim before 5th September then will I be eligible for unlimited data with no FUP limit per day? I won’t understand the fact clearly.

  • Drupad Vyas

    Will Nexus 6P work with jio sim?

  • chiragkapuriya

    This page has everything that can educate a newbie about Jio and i bet he can educate other people as well! This page is AIO jio pack 😀 best pack available for jio 😉

  • sarvesh

    talking about 5 paise/MB of data that will never going to make Rs. 50/GB. bez even if u used 10KB data then then u will be charged based on 5 paise/MB . so if u stop using for while then calcuation will be not proper .
    this will be only effective if u keep file for downloading and in one shot your are using data

  • Srinath Babu.H.M

    Thx for your video about Jio… I want know how much data will use for volte call per /min . Even though you info that data will not use our recharged data….. Is officially they have told???? If it’s so People will not recharge & they will use only calls … For free right ??? Kindly reply about this..,

  • So now on as it’s available for free to everyone, how long the queue would be! How long one has to wait!!

  • Nitin Bansal

    Dear PhoneRadar team, I have seen many videos & read blog etc regarding data plans & pricing of reliance jio but it is the best article every I read.

  • dhanu

    Its been 2days since i bought new jio sim using E-KYC process but still
    it has not been activated… only the documents received msg alone i got message over whelming response to our jio welcome offer there may be some delays in activing your connection we infome uyou via sms once jio number is ready for televerificatin tank u but when no service

  • dhanu

    pls replay my qution

  • Kuruvilla Mathai

    I am not able to generate offer code on my Samsung S5 DUOS bought from Muscat. So I bought a Jiofi device. But I am not able to connect voice calls with same phone though data connection is established and working well. Reliance Digital outlet was not able to help in this. Can you please advise what to do.

  • Om Prakash Chitlangia

    sir i want to purchase jio boardband

  • Aashray Malhotra

    the 129 prepaid plan consists of 300 mb data. This is on per day basis or we will get a total 300mb data for the whole month?

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