Reliance To launch Jio 4G Prepaid Services on 15 Aug With Free Data & Voice calls

by Karthik Iyer 11

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The much awaited mobile services from Reliance-Jio is all set to launch. Yes, we have a confirmation on the official launch date of the Jio prepaid services as 15th August. Mark your calendars and rush to your nearest Reliance Digital or LYF store to get your own SIM cards starting 15th August. We got this official confirmation from an internal source. Up until now, these services were exclusive to only a few people. But it looks like the company is ready for the big day.

Initially, the SIM cards were available only to select people through exclusive invites, etc. Later on, the company started giving free SIM cards with the LYF smartphones. They also gave 2-years extended warranty on these devices with the help of the LYF Care application. A few days ago, the company also started issuing the SIM cards to select Samsung smartphone owners as well. You could walk into the store, and if you own one of the 13 Samsung smartphones supported for this, then you could just walk out with your own Jio SIM. We visited a few Reliance Store, and it looks like they are all getting ready for the launch as all the SIM cards were stocked up and readily made available. And now after all this, just like any other mobile service provider, you can simply walk into the store and get your Reliance Jio SIM.

It is expected that this new service will give fierce competition to the existing services like Airtel, Idea, etc. The company is offering the services for much less price than what others are giving out for. We had covered an article which shows the different postpaid plans expected to be offered by the company. They are also offering exclusive night data plans on the same lines of other services. Adding on to this, the company also announced Mobile Number Portability (MNP) for Reliance Jio 4G prepaid and postpaid customers.

All these offers only show us that Reliance is trying to attract as many users as possible to kick-start the services on a successful note. Well, practically they have almost achieved the mark if not completely. They already have over 7,00,000 users in the country, even before it’s official launch. And now with the launch happening in about little over two weeks now, we will see what the performance of the services are in different parts of the country. Stay tuned for more details on this.

Karthik Iyer

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    Though the 4g download speeds are good call drops are significantly high. I don’t expect 15th August to be the launch date. They have too many things to iron out.

    1. Frequent call drops
    2. Jio join app is a pain
    3. 4g speeds they offer high but network is not consistent, mind it they have no fall back option here if you don’t have data you even can not make a call.
    4. With Samsung preview offer opened if you go to live chat option then the load is so high that you get greeted with a message saying your expected waiting time is more than 100 minutes.I got 273 once.
    5. The devices used to activate sim by scanning the user docs takes 3-4 minutes at least for a single user. I have seen the employees at reliance digital stores waiting hours for the server to be available.
    So, for a company with a strategy to poach high ARPU customers can never launch in such a messy situation as for such customers quality of service stands far ahead than the VFM factor.

    For me I feel at the earliest they can launch in October or may be on December 28th itself.

    • Shreya Mehta

      Firstly, the speeds are consistent. If you are facing call drops its because that the other operators who are not expanding their POI. If you dont know what that means then you probably should look upto the price that you have paid to start using the Reliance Jio Sim.

      The 4G speeds that users are getting in Powai are higher than 70MBPS, in Gujarat it is 55 MBPS, Kolkata 60 MBPS with supreme consistency. And you know what they charge you for this? Free?

      And what is with the 28th December date itself? Is it your birthday?

      Honestly nothing can beat free. And if you are not using this as your primary sim, you should probably not complain. Talking about ARPU’s. INR 250/customer/month is what I think is good enough for them. But what do you get in INR 250? Probably they will give 3-4 GB 4G data which is 4 times more than what your airtel or vodafone is going to provide.

      And the last time something revolutionary was brought in India, you were waiting for hours on the Amazon website to get an invite. Did you complain Amazon for it?

      If its revolutionary, people are going to buy it no matter how buggy the process is.

      Lastly, for the fallback plan. Jio has towers in all the 22 circles which like 10 more than the biggest telco in india. (Airtel) so I think people dont need to worry unless they cross a subscriber of around 300-400 million. (Which is 1/3rd the population of India)

    • Faramroze Chyella

      It is correct. JIO does not have a fallback on GSM so normal calling feature can be risky at times. JIO has fair coverage along the highways and Railway lines but has no signal in state highways. We can try out open market sim card of JIO once it starts MNP.

  • No he didn’t write this article, that’s something I can confirm. That said, agree with few of your points to some extent. They should ensure the service reliability before the public launch.

  • Rajesh Bhardwaj

    I agree with your (UTURN) points as im a jio customer here in delhi and mostly get that “all lines are busy ” as we used to hear in mahanagar telecom time almost 30 years back…pls note that its not about that the other person is busy, its just that you cant connect …checked many times while calling my own number with the full signals !!Also the 4g network goes from 0 to 100 kbps and keep fluctuating , its NEVER consistent !! I dont have much complain as its still under trial but still registred my concerns with Jio Team about it as they should know where to upgrade !! Unless we raise concerns , how will they improve or eliminate problems!! At the same time im very happy and excited about Jio Apps and also their packages ( hope for cheapest solution) just wish that Reliance will check all aspects before launching and it will surly become REVOLUTIONARY in India ! Shreya Mehta also have his /her point of view which is also right in a way , its just that …we seldom see the both sides of the Coin at the same time…mind it, both sides are legitimate 😉 A Proud Jio Customer

    • UTURN

      Hi Rajesh . While posting the initial comment my intention was such a huge initiative like Jio bearing so much promise for rural India too should not launch unless their network is fine tuned.

      Before 2 years I moved to Bhubaneswar and believe me there was no decent option available except Tata photon plus as every other ISP had either frequent disconnections or network coverage issues. Since then I have been following the developments regarding Jio launch. I am as excited as anybody else and have been using the network since the employee only soft launch last year.

      In last 1 year itself the network has improved drastically but still there are grey areas to cover network wise and a lot more service wise and until that happens commercial launch will not be a wise step.

      That was the whole point I was trying to make in my first comment but I feel the response I got was no less than a personal attack.

      If you give me a cat for free then I would still consider it a cat not a tiger just because it is free.

      Thanks for your understanding and time.

    • Shreya Mehta

      What do you mean by his/her point of view? Is Shreya not a good enough name for you to understand what gender I belong to?

  • Sudhir Tripathi

    I have three Mobiles with family members. I happy with network. But you can not connect to some network. When I contacted local customer care they told that outgoing and data are free so no problem. I have earth 1 of 20k can they compensate 20000 rupees.

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  • Bhumik

    shit article, there is no mention of free data as in title