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Samsung S Note App beta version available on Play Store, supports Non-Stylus Phones



Samsung have a couple of their own software features exclusive to their smartphones. Recently the company launched the new Galaxy Note 7 phablet which is currently in the news for unfortunate reasons. It is not a bad phone by any means but it is indeed not doing any good either. Anyway, talking about the news, the company is making its app available now to the entire Android community.

On the same lines, Samsung has launched a new beta program for its S Note App on the play store. This will allow users to test out the latest pre-release build of this app. This beta release will access to features way before the app is even released officially. The application has just been updated on the play store with support for earlier Samsung smartphones as well. The list includes the ones without the stylus also. As per the change log of the app from the Google Play store, it is noted that the app comes with Folder view, Trash and also a new style.

This is an interesting move by the company as these are some of the features exclusive to the Note Phablet only. But it is always a good thing to see how brands are opening up different opportunities like this and allowing other users also to use them. You can also join the beta testing of the same and get to use all these new features etc. that comes with the app. If you want to opt in then sign up for the beta program and be sure to donwload the app from the Google Play Store as well.


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