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UMi Plus: the history behind the game-changer in the UMi Family!



Many smartphone makers don’t do as much as hard work when it comes to designing a perfect smartphone. Over the years the smartphone industry ha changed for good, though. All thanks to bold moves in design by some manufacturers. Which is why we would like to mention the UMi Mobile’s latest product, the UMi Plus as we talk about the design of the current generation handsets.

UMI shared their story about how the Plus came into existence. The company has shared with us the creative process of creating their latest flagship smartphone, which is making waves all across the regions in the world.


The company’s product manager shared some of the thoughts about current scenarios of smartphones. With increasing size of the smartphones, balance and harmony are impossible to find in the present generation of phablets out there. Often, large display screen handsets end up being bulky, uncomfortable and not balanced out properly. Consumers tend to complain a lot and software features such as one-hand UI is the demand by them.

That is why, the UMi Plus sports a thought after design, it is not just a beautiful render but a result of research oriented procedure. Starting from the scratch and giving importance to every step is the key to making a great comfortable phablet. Rework as ben done on several times with designers and engineers working together to craft the perfect phablet.

Design Process

The company has used a Custom-made 1mm blade to manufacture the body with arcs that should give nice feeling when handheld. With so much importance being given to design, the company wanted the smartphone to look and feel perfect. The handwork can be clearly seen in the design aesthetics of the UMi Plus.

According to the company, the designers studied and used the brand-new ID style that uses curves and radians to pursue beauty. It can be noticed that curves are the dominant element of the body, four radians matching fittingly with the camera module. As all the items integrated harmoniously in the metal body.

Talking about its metal body, the device uses Aviation Magnalium, 6000 Series Aircraft grade alloy. It allows the phone to be light rain weight as well as harder when it faces bumps and hits. Because let’s face it, we don’t want to carry a bulky handset or either would keep a cover on it to stop getting it scratched easily, as people tend to drop their handsets now and then.


Umi Plus’s 6000 Series Aviation Magnalium faces numerous treatments that improve it’s properties and makes it feel smoother to touch. Going over though various procedure of treatments, the material become extremely refined for design.

This is the story of the UMi Plus handset’s creative procedure. The handset offers incredible specifications as well and would retail at just $249.99. While if you hurry up, then you can grab the device during pre-order as the price is discounted to $179.99.

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