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Tutorial: How to Switch to Android from Windows 10 Mobile



Windows Phone might not be as popular as Android and iOS but it still manages to hold a good number of total smartphone market share but there are some restrictions that might not suit people forcing them to switch to Android. The biggest problem one can face during the process is the transfer their precious data like Media files, Photos, Contacts etc. We decide to come with a comprehensive tutorial to help our readers. So without further ado, let’s get started.

To transfer the contacts, follow the following steps:

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account on your PC, then press the dropdown next to Outlook, and select People.

Switch to Android from Windows Phone

  • Now, select Manage and choose Export for and other services.

Switch to Android from Windows Phone

  • Now the “*.csv” will download on your computer.

Now you have to transfer your Hotmail contacts to your Google Account. To do that:

  • Sign-in to your Gmail account on a PC
  • In the main Gmail window, press the drop-down arrow next to “Gmail” and choose “Contacts”.

Switch to Android from Windows Phone

  • In Contacts page, press “More” menu and select “Import”.

Switch to Android from Windows Phone

  • Now press the “Choose File” button.Switch to Android from Windows Phone
  • Navigate to the location where you saved the Contacts file (*.csv) and open it.
  • Finally, press the “Import” button and wait until the import process is completed.

Now in your phone

  • Go to Settings> Accounts.
  • Under Manage Accounts (or Add Account), select the Google account you used to import contacts.
  • Finally press Sync Contacts. You ‘re done.

So this is it. You can transfer contacts easily by this method. Moving on, to transfer media files like photos, songs and videos follow method under two different conditions. The first condition is, when we have a Micro SD Card option on both the Windows Phone and the Android device. Second is, when we don’t have the Micro SD Card option on Windows Phone as well as the Android device.

Let’s start by explaining the first situation. If both the devices support Micro SD Card, then just open file explorer on Windows Phone and move all the files to Micro SD Card. Now take out the Micro SD Card and insert it into your Android device to copy data from the Micro SD Card. This will transfer all the data from Windows Phone to Android.

Next is the situation when you don’t have Micro SD Card option. In this case you have to use your Data cable to transfer data using your PC. You can also use Bluetooth/NFC to transfer data but it will take time if the data is big.

Do note that you can use the second method of transferring media files in the first situation as well.

Next up is transferring SMS to your Android device. Unfortunately, Windows Phone doesn’t support the transfer of SMS to other devices so you can’t transfer. However, you can sync messages if you are switching from Windows Phone to another Windows Phone.

Wrap Up

So that was a quick tutorial on how to make a switch to Android from Windows Phone. We know that Windows Phone is not much popular but when it comes to Windows 10 then, it will be worth to see what Microsoft has under their sleeves. For now, you can use this tutorial to switch to Android if you are not happy with Windows Phone experience. Do let us know if you need any help on the topic.

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