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Honor 4X is slow? How to speed up for Better Performance in 6 minutes



Have you own Huawei Honor 4X smartphone? Are you facing any issue with the performance of your device? Then, I can say that you are at a right place to get a solution to boost up your smartphone. Every Android phone will be having performance issues after using for a long time, and same is with the this Huawei device. This device comes with HiSilicon Kirin 620 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor. Few of its users reported that sometimes the device is slowing down suddenly, and the performance has become slower.

But, with few precautions and settings, you can easily boost up your smartphone. The performance of the device will rely on the usage and up on proper usage, we can easily make the device perform faster than normal. Follow the below-mentioned tips and speed up your device.

Reduce/Disable Animations

One of the best ways to improve the performance of your phone is by disabling or reducing the animations. In general, animations will take up some time to load and indirectly affects the performance. Anyhow animations will enhance the look of the device, but it has an affect on performance too.

So, if you wish to improve the performance of the phone then just open the ‘developer options’ in the settings and change the animation options to 0.5x. By default, it shows 1x, but reduce it to 0.5X and see the difference in the performance by yourself. If you don’t find the ‘Developer Options’ in your device, then enable it by tapping seven times on the ‘Build number’ under ‘About Phone’ option in settings.

Restarting and factory Reset

If you are using Honor 4X device, then try to restart the phone whenever you see the lag. By restarting the phone, the phone somehow gets refreshed and improves the performance of the device. You can see the change in performance after restarting the phone.

If the restarting doesn’t work well, then move on to the factory reset. Do remember that, factory reset will erase all the data on your phone and, so it is advisable to take the back-up of data before factory reset. Follow your device manual to ‘factory reset’ the phone (You need to Off the phone and should enter into the recovery mode by pressing Volume Up and power button simultaneously at the same time where you can see the ‘factory reset’ option). Once the process is done, you will be having a whole new experience with your device with good performance.

Uninstall Useless Apps

Check the pre-installed apps on your device and if you find any apps which you think is not familiar then go on and just uninstall them. Also, there will be apps you might have installed from the play store which are not in use. So, it is advisable to check those apps and uninstall them.

Uninstalling the unnecessary apps, will not only free the space in the device but also helps in optimizing the performance of the phone.

Wipe Cache Partition

At first, clear the cache of individual apps by visiting app manager on your device. This will free some space on the device and improves the performance. Even if the performance is slow, then you need to wipe cache partition. For this, you need to switch off the phone and turn it on into recovery mode (Hold Volume Up and Power button simultaneously at the same time). Now, select ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ and after the process select ‘reboot system now’.

Download Latest Software Updates

Official updates from the Huawei will have fixes to minor bugs and also helps in optimizing the device performance. The manufacturer will release few OTA’s regularly, and so, the users should check the updates in ‘System Updates’ under ‘About Phone.’ If there is any update available for the device, then download and install the update.

Few other tips

There are few minor things which users neglect resulting in the slow performance of the device. So, do remember to turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth whenever not in use. Also, adjust the brightness of the device manually as it can increase the battery life and helps in optimizing the device.

If at all, you have any issues with the Huawei Honor 4X device, feel free to ask them under the comments section below as we try to help you resolving the issues.

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