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How to Sync and check Jawbone Up Stats on your Smartphone?



The Jawbone Up is a wearable band which would count the steps you have walked every day, and this can all be logged and checked in your smartphone, because the band doesn’t have its display to show any stats. Although it might be a bit hard always to keep connecting the band to the smartphone, it still is easy enough when you talk about the syncing because all it needs is a smartphone app and the Internet connectivity.

First of all, if you own a Jawbone Up, you will need to download the “Up by Jawbone” app for your smartphone, based on the OS – iPhone / Android.

The app presents to you with loads of features, settings and options to check not just the walking stats but also the calorie count and then the motivational stats for you to do more.

To start off with the syncing, you need first to connect the Jawbone Up to the smartphone with a 3.5mm pin after removing the cap. Once connected, you need to open the UP app that you have installed in your smartphone. In the app, you will see a Refresh icon on the top right, tapping which would open a menu from the right, having the various options:

  • Sync Now
  • Sleep Mode
  • Stopwatch
  • Power Nap
  • Smart Sleep Alarms
  • Idle Alert

Click on Sync Now, and the app would start syncing the latest data with the band. It would at the same time, show you the battery percentage of the band.

Jawbone Up App Sync

Once the syncing is completed, you will be able to check the stats on the main page of the app. You moved x number of steps is what would be shown, and under the bar diagram, the date is given. In the recently updated version of the Up by Jawbone app, you would see a separate section called Recent Activities that would be shown when you swipe down from the top, and it shows some interesting stuff like the steps, goal, sleep and the profile.

Jawbone Up App Stats

Jawbone Up is a pretty light and good fitness tracker which would do the main job of counting the steps, and it is its app that does most of the other job.

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