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Polar Loop Activity Tracker Band – Features and Review



The number of Fitness health related gadgets are on the rise with Bands and Loops to be wear around your wrist that will track all your daily activities all day long 24/7. Polar Loop Activity Tracker is a Wrist worn fitness tracker which is a device to monitor your daily activities ranging from fitness to daily regular workouts.

The Loop Activity tracker is from a company called Polar which is famous in the field of medicine and athletics because of its long, and successful history in Heart Rate Monitoring the knowledge of which they are using in this device. The knowledge of Heart Rate Monitors is being used in the Activity tracker as there is an option to link the Wrist Loop tracker directly to an external Heart Rate Monitor of the same company.

Design of Loop Activity Tracker:

It is a Black Rubber Wristband which has a Black Rubber Belt on the front side and a Metal Buckle on the back side. The front side has 85 LED lights which display time, your total steps; calories burned, daily activity goal and tips to reach it – all on the front side display.

To adjust it to the size of your wrist you need to remove the Buckle and using a pair of scissors cut the rubber on either side and make sure that you get the display on the middle of your wrist, make sure you do not over cut the rubber which will make it small. (Polar has given in its website that if you over cut the band, it will be replaced free of cost).

How does it work:

The LED display will show time, your total steps, calories burned, daily activity goal with the help of a single button beside LED’s which is kind of in an odd position and difficult to use. Apart from this LED and button there is a Free App in Android and iOS, which will pair with your Polar Loop Activity Tracker and show some details. And apart from your smartphones you can also connect it to your PC with the help of the Connecting or Charging cable and view all your activity and various Stats.

Polar Loop App

You can also track the amount of time you sleep.The fitness tracker will also tell you if you reached your daily limit and if not will tell you how much workout you should do to reach that goal.

The final verdict which we give would be that the features of the Loop Activity tracker does, what it was made for to record your Activity all day long but the LED Display and the single button is a big let down. The option of cutting the band to fit your wrist is also a complicated procedure.

The App shows you the daily activity and the Activity Goal status. In case you are not completing the set goal, the app alerts you of the same and gives you Low Intensity, Medium Intensity and High intensity workout to reach your goal. There are also Inactivity Alerts, which will be shown to help your lazy body to become active. For a Price of $100, it is a good deal if you are not that interested in the design aspect.


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