Razer Nabu SmartBand with Dual-OLED Screens, Notifications, Android / iOS Compatibility

by Amit Bhawani 0

Razer Nabu

When you talk of the wearable gadgets, it wasn’t just the big known brands (e.g. Sony Smartband, LG Lifeband touch) which showcased their band. But there were some excellent products shown by others too, and one of them is Razer, who announced the Razer Nabu sweatband at the CES 2014 event. This one was called as World’s smartest wristband by the company, as it doesn’t limit itself to the step counting, but offers quite a lot more than that.

Razer Nabu

According to the makers, there is an open platform so that the third party developers can create apps for the various data including personal, physical and geographical. There are two OLED screens:

  1. Public icon screen with 32 x 32 pixel OLED display which would notify about the incoming calls, text messages, emails and the app updates with the notification icons
  2. Private message screen with 128 x 32 pixel OLED display which is for the detailed information of the same notifications such as text messages, emails, bio data and any other type of updates

If the connectivity and the notification wasn’t enough, the Razer Nabu has got the advanced sensors such as Accelerometer, Altimeter and the Cylindrical vibration motor to track the data for the self-analysis which includes the data tracking, location information, bio data feedback which shows the steps walked, distance traveled, stairs / floors climbed and the sleep data.