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Spice Dream Uno Mi-498 Photo Gallery and Design Overview



Spice Android One Dream Uno Featured

One of the first devices in the Android One campaign from Google, is from a brand that is not well known for its smartphones. Spice has been active in the Android smartphone market and has been trying to launch devices in different price ranges, but this could the first time for them to have been taken seriously as a smartphone company. That is because, Google is the mastermind behind the entire project where several brands are to be on the same platform and bring out devices that reach all masses in budget pricing.

Having said that, making nothing good and just putting a good low price tag isn’t enough now, thanks to the competition that is making the customers check upon everything with eyes wide open. As said in the Spice Dream Uno hands-on, we feel this is all thanks to Google, that Spice has come up with a very decent and comfortable-to-hold phone for one of the rarest times.

The Android One phone from Spice comes with the 9.5mm thickness, but that isn’t far from comfort because none of the edges and corners are sharp, thus the smooth sides keep the phone comfortable in hand. One such issue I can relate to, is with the Sony Xperia devices having sharp corners, and these usually are very bad when held adjacent to the ear while making calls. The back area is all made of polycarbonate (which many refer to as plastic), and it is very smooth and it although doesn’t house all the fingerprints, the shine is easily visible when oily or wet hands contact it.

The physical buttons for lock/unlock and volume are located aptly on the right panel, and the MicroUSB port is located in the bottom towards the right, where the only mic is placed as the phone lacks a secondary mic. The camera on the back has an LED flash, both of them are near the top and there is a Spice branding at the centres, while the very neat and beautiful Androidone branding is towards the bottom.

Noticeably enough, the earpiece on the front and the speaker grill on back of the phone, resemble the one in the Nexus 5, with a tiny circular grill that stands out well and look very neat. Overall, the design of Spice Dream Uno is very decent and what I like more is the comfort it gives although there is a big enough 4.5-inch screen on it (I’m not comparing this with phablets, and thus the 4.5-inch size is also quite big).

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