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Sony Xperia Z3 Photo Gallery and Design Overview



Sony Xperia Z3 Photo Front

As we said in the hands-on, the Sony Xperia Z3 is just beautiful and one of the most comfortable devices to hold in the hand. When you talk of phones that have a display larger than 5-inch, the Xperia Z3 stands right at the top for the comfort that it gives, although you cannot write off the HTC One M8, iPhone 6 Plus and the OnePlus One if we talk about the design.

The Xperia Z3 has this modification from its predecessor, with the inclusion of curvy smooth sides rather than the flat sides and this actually gives some better comfort to the hold the device. Sony has managed to make this device even thinner although the screen size is no different. There are some noticeable differences, right from the screen area, where the earpiece and microphone with speakers in the same grill have moved towards the screen, from the corner of the phone in Xperia Z2.

The copper color variant looks premium, although there are other options as well – White, Black and Green. The important fact here to note is that Sony has managed to give it such a perfect look, while getting it the highest waterproof rating of IP65 / IP68 where it is dust tight, and can survive 1.5m deep in water for 30 minutes. There are covers for each port there, and on the right panel, the slots for MicroSD card as well as for the Nano SIM card are under the same lid, while the MicroUSB port cover is on the left side.

The back is plain, and no bulge for the camera too is a good advantage because the phone ultimately not end up landing on the camera area, as seen in several other smartphones. But still, the camera staying right at the corner of the device makes it a little hard to hold because that is where we usually place a finger to hold the phone with grip in landscape angle. The LED flash is just below the camera lens.

Sony has provided a dedicated camera shutter button on the most common and appropriate position, and that is good for those whose finger cannot reach the on-screen shutter button while taking a pic, or who have a worry about shaking the phone while capturing the picture. On the top, there’s just the 3.5-mm headset jack as well as a secondary mic for the noise cancellation and video recording.

Overall, this is one of the best designed and beautifully looking smartphone this year, and to add to that, the curve on the sides makes it even more comfortable to hold. If there are any devices we can compare this with, for a good design, it would be the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the OnePlus One.

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