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Intex Cloud FX Photo Gallery and Design Overview



The Intex Cloud FX is one of the interesting devices in the current smartphone scenario, for the price it is being sold for in the market. And, the Firefox OS is something new to experience. While this small device having a screen size similar to that of the earlier generation iPhones, is very comfortable to hold, it doesn’t give you a different feel and easily feels like one of those cheap devices. But aren’t we expecting too much from a really cheap phone?

From the front, there is no physical button and this phone reminds you of Nokia’s Asha series and then the X series, where you see only one button, but here, that is for the home function. Above the display, there’s the earpiece and the button below the screen for home navigation is a circular touch-sensitive one. The lock / power button is on the top, while the volume rocket buttons take their place on the left panel. Interestingly, the MicroUSB port is also located on the left panel, above the MicroUSB port. There is nothing except for the mic in the bottom area, and the access for lifting the back cover up, is also in the bottom.

Totally in plastic, the back cover has a matte texture and there’s a 2-megapixel camera, Intex and Firefox branding as well as the speaker grill on the back side. Lifting the back cover up, only the battery is seen as all the slots, i.e. the MicroSD card and two SIM card slots are located underneath the battery, which has to be removed if you are to insert or remove any card.

The ports are oddly placed, at least for the fact that the MicroUSB port is no better than being placed at the bottom, but Intex chose to place it on the left top side, and the phone is quite thick, still the camera on the back is a little protruded out of the body, that doesn’t let the back area be flat, and giving the camera more impact than anything else.

Overall, one cannot expect more than this if we are to talk about the design of this little Firefox phone from Intex, and also given the fact that for this price, the manufacturer too had to do some compromises in terms of the material and the design. For a new user who has been always into feature phones and not a smartphone, this can be very much welcoming, but for an average smartphone user, don’t expect too much out of it. Check out our Intex Cloud FX hands-on to read about our initial thoughts on this device.

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