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Nokia X Software Update v1.1.2.2 – Change Log, How to Update – Steps



Nokia X

The Nokia X smartphone, the device from the X series which runs the Android-based Nokia X platform, is receiving a software update with a few improvements to the OS, although there are no major updates being made, but this gives quite a few indications – about the plans, about the support.

When the news about Microsoft acquiring Nokia flew around, there was more of a cry over acceptance because Nokia had been an iconic brand all around the world at one time, but the deal with Microsoft made it a Windows Phone brand when the Android OS was at the peak, thus Nokia saw a huge loss and although the Lumia phones from Nokia looked good, these didn’t get much response in the market.

Nokia X was a new attempt from the company to grab back those lost customers who were happy to use any branded smartphone which ran the Android OS, but again, it wasn’t the pure Android ROM which Nokia gave in the Nokia X, X+ and the Nokia XL. Still, whatever the users complain about – is being taken into consideration by the company to improve the things and drive a better response. The software update v1.1.2.2 brings about a few changes, including the addition of two apps, i.e. the Microsoft OneDrive and the Contact Transfer app. The Contact Transfer was available through the store if someone wanted to transfer the contacts from any Bluetooth-enabled phone to the Nokia X, but now the inclusion in the OS would make it easier for those who were wondering how to get things done.

The Nokia Store, which is the repository for the apps here (not the Play Store, as Google Play Services are not available), has got an update too, thus we expect a few changes in the interface and addition of more applications, so one shouldn’t go to the other stores such as 1Mobile, Amazon store etc., although the most needed ones like WhatsApp are still not available through the Nokia Store.

As usual, there are a few improvements the stability, performance and the usability of the Nokia X. For a general user who isn’t much into gaming or heavy usage, the Nokia X wouldn’t bother you but if you try to play a high-end game, it won’t allow you, thanks to the 512MB RAM which Nokia has included in this.

Since this is an OTA update, you won’t need to worry about connecting the phone to the computer and looking around. For you to receive and download the update, you just need an Internet connection, Wi-Fi being the easiest option. Go to Settings > About Phone > System updates and then tap “Check Now“.

Click on Update when you see it available. It should take no more than 20 minutes for the update to complete. Make sure you have the data backed up before you update the phone. For that, you need to go to Settings > Backup and reset > Create backup

If you have an issue while updating, here are a few workarounds –

  • Free up storage, although you might be prompted about that if there is less space available
  • Set the date and time correctly

Nokia X Software Update v1.1.2.2 Change Log:

  • Microsoft OneDrive and Contact Transfer apps added
  • Updated version of Nokia Store
  • Improvements to stability, performance, and usability

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