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Best Features of the OnePlus One Smartphone



OnePlus One Phone

A phone from a brand which is no where in the competition in the high-end market, but coming with a price which no one else in the market would try to touch – the OnePlus One smartphone breaks the shackles with the price of $299 for the piece of beauty which has all the inclusions that a high-end smartphone from the well known brands has got, and it gives you a taste of the interface which the stock Android doesn’t have.

While we aren’t reviewing this device here, we would list down the best features of the OnePlus One smartphone.

The camera interface & features

Everything about the camera is good, if someone isn’t into the numbers – the 13MP shooter can be activated right from the lock screen, by swiping to left from right. Getting into the interface, it looks pretty much like the Google Camera app, with the transparent icons for options and the features such as the Tap to focus, and the swiping up/down to access the scene modes.

4k video recording

OnePlus One Camera

The OnePlus One comes with the 4K video recording. We know many would argue that the 4K is just a hype for now, and it could easily be one of the unneeded features for now, but again, if it isn’t included, the race against the competitors is lost.

Cyanogenmod 11S – A new feel

We already know how Android OS helps in customization and making things easier for people to personalize the device, but the Cyanogenmod 11S is something that makes it even better with the refreshing interface, giving the latest OS, i.e. Android 4.4.2 OS to the users. There are options such as Quiet Hours, a new home screen, quick settings panel and the customization.

Themes, Icons & Animations Independently available

OnePlus One Themes

As we talked about the customization – here it is. The Theme Showcase app in the OnePlus One comes with options to change the styles, icons, wallpapers, lock wallpapers, fonts, boot animations and sound packs, and the best part about this – you can use one theme, and change only the fonts and icons from the other packs. Excellent stuff this.

Built-in Screencast App

Screencast on a smartphone was something many have always wanted, and the feature was very much talked about, when Google announced the Android KitKat version, but the functionality wasn’t available even on the flagship devices. The OnePlus One has the built-in app which can help record the screen, of whatever you are doing on the device, and there are options to directly share the same through the notification panel.

On-screen buttons can be made off-screen

OnePlus One System Buttons

Not something one would be a fan of, but the OnePlus One at least gives the users an option of shifting the system buttons. Most of them would prefer to have the system buttons within the display, so that the screen real estate is not eaten up by these buttons. Thus, the phone comes with the options of changing the location of the screen buttons to within-the-screen or out-of-the-screen.

Noise cancellation with triple mic

OnePlus One Mic

The OnePlus One has three microphones which work together in identifying, isolating and enhancing the voice while filtering out all the background noise when recording the video, as well as while a call is going on. The usage of two microphones is seen in most of the smartphones these days, but the third one here increases the voice clarity by 80%.

Latest best Internal specs

OnePlus One Internal

The device boasts the best specs in the market right now, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocking at 2.5 GHz, and the custom Krait CPU architecture helps in both, the performance as well as in the LTE connectivity. This is complete by the Adreno 330 GPU and the 3GB RAM.

While the actual $299 version has 16GB internal storage, you just need to spend $50 extra if you wanted to go for a whooping 64GB version.

Of course there are a few disadvantages, and we would be listing them out too, because although there’s so much good, we aren’t a fan of this phone already because you simply cannot compare this with the other high-end devices because of the factors which this device lacks – no MicroSD card slot (not good for a 16GB version), resistance to water (one such thing being concentrated on, by the different manufacturers).

Did you try this device out? let us know your views on this.

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