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LG G Watch's Charging Pins turning Brown and Corroded – LG's not helping



LG G Watch Corroded Charging Pin

LG G Watch Hand I’m quite lucky in this case till now, but shouldn’t I be worried? LG’s keeping mum and not taking responsibility while there is quite a lot of users reporting about the corrosion of the charging points on the back of the LG G Watch they are wearing. A G Watch user named “editorkid” at Android Central Forums posted a photo saying “Been wearing the G Watch since it arrived on the 7th. Like some things, don’t like others, but this may be a deal breaker –”

The mark on the hand is the point of contact of the charging pins on the watch. Even worse, as the user reported, that he had to scrape off the corrosion over the pins before trying to charge the watch, because with that, the charging wasn’t possible.


Went on a two-hour hike yesterday but the watch was never immersed and it wasn’t that hot a day here in Chicago — regular 85, not really humid, just a normal summer day. Anyone else seeing this sort of thing?

Now, with the IP67 certification that the smartwatch has got, one would expect the parts to be pretty good in resistant the different weather conditions. And if there is a problem internally, one might sometime have to take the blame for immersing the watch in water or diving into the pool without a knowledge that the watch is water resistant and not waterproof. But this is an entirely different case. It is not just the immersion that can cause this. The watch is in contact with the skin for at least half a day, and sweating is quite common.

LG G Watch Corroded Charging Pin

Another user “iborguk” who reported similar issue to LG, got the answer from the company.

OK LG said not our problem. You are allergic.
They stated that the metals in use are copper and stainless steel, no heavy metals which should cause an allergy. I said could it be a voltage discharge then and they said no.
Basically it was go away.

There are a few workarounds for sure, and for now, users are placing an insulation tape over those pins while wearing the G Watch, but that is what one would expect to do after spending over $160 for getting one of those? LG’s the one who should provide a fix for the same.

Image and Story Source: Android Central

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