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Huawei Honor 6 Hands-on, Initial Impressions and Photo Gallery



Huawei Honor 6 Hands-on

What isn’t impressive in the Honor 6 from Huawei? the power packed smartphone from Huawei comes for an attractive price, and it does have some power to keep you excited. But isn’t Huawei seeing a fierce competition already, although that aggressive pricing set by the company?

It indeed is impressive in many ways, although I am personally not a fan of the design already, especially because of the glassy back and the metallic raised strip on the side frame. Though, the phone is extremely comfortable to hold, except again for the sharp edges. On the first look, you might feel you are looking at an iPhone if the size is not given a consideration, but Huawei chose to give that silver band on the side, extending to three sides except in the bottom. The frame behind it is all plastic, and the glassy look on the back doesn’t impress because it is prone to scratches, and it is a big time fingerprint magnet.

The only good thing about the back is the 3D diamond effect, the name Huawei has given to the effect of light reflected in an eye-catching way, around the “honor” branding on the back. The back isn’t removable, thus you get the access to SIM and MicroSD card slot under the flap, located on the right frame below the power button.

Huawei Honor 6 3D effect

The camera placement on the back makes this similar to the iPhone, with the camera and Dual LED flash pushed towards the left top corner, and the speaker grill is located towards the bottom. On the front, there is a 5-inch display with narrow bezel around it, but Huawei has wasted some space in the bottom because the navigation buttons are a part of the display. The 1080p display is bright, good at viewing but clearly not the best one in the lot. What makes it better, is just the interface that comes with vibrant colors to show off the same.

This is one such device that won’t boast the Snapdragon tag, or will have to worry about consumers crying about Mediatek, but it won’t easily get the fame it deserves, as the company is using their own HiSilicon Kirin 920 SoC, an octa-core chipset to power the phone. There is a power packing in every way, as 3GB RAM and 3100 mAh battery speak up for themselves, and one such device with equal power (although rocking a Snapdragon 801 proessor) was the OnePlus One, which is larger but had a similar resolution display.

The Emotion UI is interesting, right from the lock screen. But for the first time users, it can easily give mixed reactions, because although the colors, effects are all good, the basics aren’t there to make the user feel comfortable already. The fading lock screen wallpaper when swiping on it, exposing the home screen content underneath it, is amazing. And the lock screen has a “Control center-like” options panel, which shows up when swiping up from the bottom.

The Honor 6 doesn’t come with the Google Play services apps pre-installed, though we tried to download it from Huawei’s own App Center and it worked, so no big issues there. But, the device already has a heavy load of apps that come pre-loaded and a few of them are Chinese ones, which might be annoying for the non-Chinese users. Some of the pre-installed apps like iReader, Huawei Cloud+, Kingsoft Office, Phone Manager, Files, Magnifier, Flashlight, FM Radio, Smart Controller are a little useful.

The notification panel is interesting as well, with a timeline showing up all the activities, and swiping it to the right shows up the quick settings panel. Overall, the Emotion UI although looks interesting, is not the easiest to use already if you have stuck to the stock ROM or something similar in the past. This looks more like a combination of different ROMs. Too early to talk about the battery life, which seems to be good with the capacity but it is important to know how well the company has optimized its UI to take care of the battery in the Honor 6.

For the early tests, the camera does a great job for the 13-megapixel lens, and the Dual LED flash is good for the extra light in low light conditions. There is loss of details though, on zooming into the captures that are taken in places like parking lot or such, where the conditions were not the brightest.

The Honor 6 is very interesting, and this does seem like one of the top-notch devices if we talk about the performance, although not with the design. There is nothing wrong with the inspired designs if they are made to look good in the end, but Huawei missed to give that impact with the silver band on the side. For the price it is available at, the device looks very much worth it, but there are a few competitors claiming to give a tough one to this.

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