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Nokia 3310 Hands On: A look at the redesigned masterpiece



We saw a ton of new smartphones yesterday at MWC 2017 event. The first one to hit be unveiled the LG G6, and after that, we also saw Huawei’s offerings. But the one which most of us were waiting for was Nokia’s event where specifically the Nokia 3310 stole the show. Yes, we got to see some other devices as well from them but let’s keep those aside and simply just focus on the showstopper, the Nokia 3310. We were present at the event yesterday and fortunately got to spend some quality time with the device.

[quote align=’left’] The design has improved for the better [/quote]When you first take look at the device, you see some interesting changes but none of that makes you forget the fact that it is the same old Nokia 3310 which we all love. One of the most noticeable difference is the display which is now slightly bigger and has some colors now which is a welcome addition. But the UI itself is pretty much the same and hence it kind of retains the old classic essence of using a Nokia feature phone from the past. But fortunately, it is not a ‘brick’ as many would like to put it. We have a more subtle design to match with some design cues from 2017.

[quote align=’right’] Nokia promises a standby time of 1 month [/quote]The Nokia 3310 has a plastic body, and it weighs only 79 Grams. It may not look as sturdy as what we are used to from Nokia phones, but we can’t to get our hands on one and test this bad boy to the core. But wait, what’s unchanged is the battery life (1,200 mAh) and the company is making a bold promise of a month’s standby time, and honestly, we think it is possible. The UI as mentioned earlier is very similar to what we had earlier. It doesn’t have a lot of gimmicky features to show off, and hence we don’t have to worry about battery life getting affected, etc. What a relief right?

[quote align=’left’] Nokia 3310 has a 3.5mm headphone jack. Hello Apple! [/quote]The display on the front is tiny coming in at 240×320, and the size of the same is 2.4″. Talking about the physical aspects of the device, the microUSB port sits on the top of the device, similar to how the old charging pin used to go on top of the Nokia phones. The Nokia 3310 has something which even the iPhone 7 lacks, and it is the 3.5mm headphone jack. At the back of the device, you will see a minimal design with just the camera sensor which is of 2MP. It is accompanied by a LED flash and the Nokia branding. And yes, this back is removable which will reveal the battery, and there is also a slot to throw in an SD card and call it a day.

[quote align=’right’] Comes preloaded with Classic Snakes [/quote]It looks like we have Series 30+ OS in this which is a custom made OS by MediaTek for Microsoft’s Nokia phones. Not many people know this since they didn’t end up selling a lot of phones anyway. The OS is clean with no bloatwares whatsoever, and all we could do was simply jump right into the classic “Snakes.” We are sure most people will buy this phone for that one particular reason.

Overall, the Nokia 3310 for the price of 49 euros is exactly what the modern day smartphone generation needs. These are the small things which we need to appreciate given the fact that we have way too much going on in the world of smartphones. If Nokia manages to sell this at around a price tag of 3000 INR in India, we might end up seeing scenes from the 2000s where everyone in the streets is walking with a classic Nokia. With that said, let us know what do you think about the Nokia 3310 and would you be interested in purchasing one.

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