Sony Xperia C3 Hands-on, Initial Impressions and Photo Gallery

by Chetan Bhawani 17

Sony Xperia C3 Hands-on

The trend of Selfies has picked up just recently, but it has gone to that extent where the smartphone manufacturers have started making the devices with the cameras dedicated to do more than just the video calling they were intended to, in the past. Here comes, the “Sony Xperia C3” calling itself the world’s best smartphone for selfies, although the numbers don’t say that.

First impressions, I don’t really like the device. Two reasons: 1. I’m not really a fan of selfies, rarely capture using the front camera, 2. Sony has probably compromised with several other specs, giving importance to the “selfie” factor.

It is too large a device to hold, although the 5.5-inch screen isn’t the biggest in phablet range, and after having used the Elife E7 from Gionee for months, this shouldn’t feel much different, but it did. That is a lot of space wasted on the front, especially below the display, because above it there is the special camera with the LED flash. The phone is so large that you cannot reach to the corners with the same hand you are holding it with.

To add to the uncomfortable size, the side panels look ugly. It is a semi-reflective plastic like material that is too glossy and gives the entire device a cheap look. The back is a standard plastic cover, which is not removable, and thus you get to see the slots for SIM and MicroSD cards on the sides of the device. On the right, all the physical buttons are seen – power, volume rocker and camera. On the same side, there’s the SIM card tray that can be pulled out after you pop out the cover. The MciroSD card slot stays on the left, with similar cover as for the SIM tray.

The 8-megapixel camera on the back is towards the top, with the LED flash and a secondary mic in the vicinity. The speaker grill is located on the back towards the bottom, and on the front, the earpiece and mic as well present themselves as grills near the edges of the phone.

The Sony’s Xperia UI is as always vibrant, and the choice of blue colors for most of the stuff makes it look beautiful. The device is running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat and the UI is similar to the ones you see in most of the Xperia smartphones. As usual, there is a load of pre-installed apps in the device, including the Google apps, and Facebook, TrackID, Walkman, Sony Select, Wisepolot for XPERIA, Smart Connect, Sony LIV, Converter, IG Games Store, Xperia Lounge, OfficeSuite, BIGFLIX, and File Commander.

The camera is decent, and though that is just the initial impression about the rear camera, the selfie camera is excellent, for the reason that has not just pumped up the numbers but also, included a perfect lens and sensor combination that captures the details pretty well.

One handed usage of the phone is not easily possible, thus it’s a good thing that Sony has at least provided a couple of options such as “double tap on home button” to drag the entire notification and quick settings section down, to be accessible easily, and then the option to bring the pattern lock section towards your hand, based on the hand you are using. Not everything is easy to use in a single hand, though.

On the early impressions, the Xperia C3 is a huge phone, and that is not because of the screen size alone. It is the same 5.5-inch screen, exactly the size many other smartphones have, but Sony has given a lot of space above and below the display, making it taller and wider. The area above the display is unavoidable though, because of the camera. We’ll be coming up with the review, pretty soon.

Chetan Bhawani

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  • Nebu Cherian

    Way too much bezels really Sony engineers need to do some homework

    • Suraj Racharla

      yup way tooo many bezels. But Sont has always put alot of bezel in their device so far. The Z3 looked like it had shaved off bezles but it was still pretty thick bezels. Sony phones looks better with bezel tho

  • Hi Chetan,

    Manufacturing selfie-smartphones is becoming a trend for smartphone manufacturers these days, isn’t it? I am not surprised that Sony entered this race, after all the other selfie smartphones are no good either. I wouldn’t be surprised either if other smartphones also enter into this “SELFIE ZONE”

    I don’t understand why selfie smartphones are failing in terms of other specifications. Lava Iris X5, as we all know, isn’t worth a buy! And this time, Sony makes the mistake too! I agree that its quite big to handle!

    What do you feel about these selfie smartphones? Do you think this trend will grow?

    • This for sure, looks like diminishing. The sales won’t be much, and selfies don’t really need a crisp quality. Also, these phones are better for video calling for me, rather than for selfies.

      • Agreed! phones that dont exceed primarily in selfies will also do just as good as a jb simply because of the extra features they are able to put in like wide selfie rear selfie and optical image stabilization. They dont need extra megapixels to produce a great picture

    • Android

      I think the trend will grow because people want and good front camera but i think these phones wont be called selfie phones but soon it will be standard to have a 13 mega pixel front camera and people will expect it in Every flagship phone. ONE DAY!!!!

    • Jugal Mudoi

      I think companies should follow the Oppo’s rotating camera concept rather than making a selfie camera centric phone.

  • Suraj Racharla

    The phone aesthetically looks okay but not over the top but calling this phone a selfie grabs attention. The phones specs are average and not too special but the selfie camera is the only thing tjat can call this this phone good.Also the size of the screen is okay i guess but resolution is terrible!!! comparing it to flagship phones. but since this is not Sonys Flagship phone we cant compare it

  • Agreeing with Suraj, the phone does indeed look good. Thebdrsign is uniform sleek and clean. But I’ve never liked the idea of a phone made for selfies. I don’t use the front camera either and would prefer an all around experience. Dedicating technology and resources primarily to create a selfie phone is utterly pointless imho. Yes the selfie trend is indeed rising but that isn’t a strong enough case for creating a smartphone. A good smartphone is one that can do a lot of things and do them well. They are allowed to also excel at one thing too, but if that is at the cost of the all around experience then its a no go. Very critical impressions but they were called for

  • Nikhil Narkhede

    Not as good looking as HTC desire eye .

    • that was indeed a good design. I really like the design on the htc one m8 and eye they were simple and fancy at he same time, i cant explain it.

  • Jugal Mudoi

    Despite being a slimmest phone its large size is a big disappointment for me.. I personally never can compromise with other features as well as compatibility in design for just a selfie camera and despite my dissapointment I’m waiting excitedly to see results of the front cam capture with flash…my sister really likes the selfie phones.

    • i share your oppiino i love the z3 but if it is sacrificing and compromising specs just to excel in one category like slimness or battery life or selfies, then it forfeits a large chunk of its consumers to do so

  • Shanky Yadav

    Sony is a brand on which we believe except me all my frnds have sony devices and i am jealous of them

  • Shanky Yadav

    It has preety good software as i see in the pics it look good but not as good its other series like z2 and other are comparatively better

  • Joshua Akinsola

    i really love this phone. the camera quality could be better though.
    This is a pretty light phone with 149.7 grams.

  • Suraj Racharla

    The rotating camera really makes sense. Waiting to see when major companies make phones based on that