Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro Hands-on, Initial Impressions and Photo Gallery

by Chetan Bhawani 12

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro Hands-on

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series always has large screens and thus have been a choice for those who didn’t want to limit their choice to a 5-inch device. There have been some good competitors to the Note series, like the Z Ultra from Sony, and devices like Desire 816 from HTC. But one such recent smartphone that could be a real tough warrior against all is the Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro, which comes in with great specs and an aggressive pricing.

The Vibe Z2 Pro is a beast of a device with the size, having a 6-inch display and it looks larger because of the thickness. But it does look premium, from every angle. But at the same time, the sides around the display are not very wide, thus keeping it compact for that size of a display. Very thin bezels and whatever space below and above the display, has been used for the functions. The brushed metallic surface on the back is a simple beauty, and it doesn’t only look good, but also has a good feel when you gently move your fingers over that surface.

The metallic buttons on the side give a good tactile response, and the power/lock button is on the right, just below the SIM card slot, while the volume rocker button is on the left frame. The SIM tray can be pulled out, with two slots for MicroSIM cards. On the back, the sharp edge from the end of display (well, almost because the bezels are almost shaved off entirely) narrows down a bit but it doesn’t present itself as a curve, to give the users a grip to hold on.

This is a unibody design, but the curvy border in the bottom demarcating the back panel from the bottom tray, makes it look very neat. The speaker grill is located in the bottom.

On the back, Lenovo has placed a unique section for the camera, with a plate fitted with some stylish screwing on the corners. The camera pops out due to the large 16-megapixel lens, and there’s a Dual LED flash just beside to it. The camera bump on the back is the only issue, as the device seems to rock on a flat surface, oddly because the camera is towards one of corners.

The Vibe UI always had looked interesting, right from the lock screen, which in the Z2 Pro has to be pulled up in order to unlock the screen. As always, there is no app drawer and the apps are directly seen on the multiple home screens. But the UI doesn’t limit the usage of widgets alongside the app icons, thus making it look all good except for the cluttered home screen structures.

The Vibe Z2 Pro runs the Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and this device is for sure in the list of ones that are going to receive the Lollipop OS update in the near future, so expect much more interesting stuff in the Vibe UI. The content is shown brilliantly on the 1440p display of the Z2 Pro, and this being an LCD display, the brightness is good and the viewing angles too are decent.

On the initial couple days of usage, the battery lasted through the first day easily, and went on till the end of second day where we used the camera for about 120 captures, browsed the web on Wi-Fi for an hour and data network was turned on with no much usage, for an entire day. The 4000 mAh battery does last quite long, but we’d do some testing before concluding in the review.

What we are blown away, is with the camera quality. It indeed is great, especially when you have low light around, and are trying to focus on a particular light source. It takes a second or two, to rightly focus but it is all near perfect in the end. There’s a professional camera setup as well, in the same camera app. It shows you all the live information of the picture, i.e. ISO, aperture, etc. and this is beneficial for those who have a good knowledge about it, and wanted to do much more than just a tap on shutter button.

For the first looks, the compact-for-the-screen, but still a large Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro is an impressive phablet and worth all the money, but the only issue we see is the camera bump on the back that gives it some uncharacteristic rocking when placed on a flat surface. Does it fit into the pocket easily? it does, thanks to the size that doesn’t make it look like a 6-inch device at all. A perfect Galaxy Note 4 competitor there?

Chetan Bhawani

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  • Shashank Chourey

    This looks like an impressive device from lenovo. People who prefer large display will surely like it. Immediate comparison that comes to my mind is the Moto X (2nd gen) for it’s similar pricing. And Moto X just might be slightly better. But I’ll wait for the PhoneRadar review for, to get to know it’s software performance and ergonomics. Also, I hope Lenovo has sorted out their heating issues. Expandable memory would’ve been a plus point.

  • Wow this is a beautiful looking phone! The unibody design is incredible with thin bezels that make the screen pop and a nice metallic back!!. I am thoroughly excited for this device! This phone is packed with some of the best specs too! A 16 MP camera and a 6 inch display is perfect for this plus it already has a really strong processor. The screen is beautiful and vibe ui looks really colorful and neat!. Thanks for the review!! Cant wait for the full one!!

  • Android

    When I first wheat Lenovo I dont think of goes looking or well built phone. But the hands on pic I saw above immpresed me. The design of the phone overall is great and the red from around focused our eyes on it. Also the very thin bezel brings out the screen and emphasizes the screen alot. As long with the design The specs are also on par with the device. The 16 megapixel is amazing for capturing some shots and the qaud code processer is amazing !!! The screen resolution is also breath taking and amazing to look at. Lenovo has always been always been at the bottom of the pack when producing smartphones but this phone has proved the Lenovo has the design expertise and a beast of a phone. Way to Lenovo and great hands on and initial immpressions gallery. Can’t wait for the review!!!

  • Shanky Yadav

    yesterday I watched the video review of it and it was awesome but in case of mine I was thinking that now motorola is also owned by lenovo which are doing great so why do Lenovo need this as Moto series is getting more popularity than this. may be its has high specs. this beauty got everything which is in need to attract users but also it has cons which can’t be ignored one of them is big screen which is just too big to come on hand and also its not easy to use with one hand means we can’t operate it with one hand..
    also heating is another problem which is facing while playing games which is also can’t be ignored well some times it can.. it has got the android 4.4.2 really know they must launch it with lolipop but allover it got the best design great UI and also the good camera which seems to be unbeatable

  • thebrain

    I love the front with thin bezels, they give a good appearance to the smartphone and make it quite compact for a 6″ smartphone . I’m still doubtfull with the choice of putting a S801 to manage a 2k screen, and the results (performance and autonomy) of the LG G3 which has the same torque (screen + SoC) confirm my fears. We’ll see if the same happens with this Z2 Vibe. Otherwise, beautiful machine…

    • hm yes you make a good pint. Power consumption and hating may be a problem with this device. But honestly isnt that the same problems every smartphone faces? Battery and heating? Maybe a cool protective case and a power bank and battery case can help mitigate the issue?

  • Suraj Racharla

    Good point made. I hope Lenovo will be able to go around that issue and if it does it is a pretty good device we are looking at right now. Lenovo hasn’t been all great about conserving battery and if the Lenovo Vibe drinks up too much it will very hard for Lenovo to maintain its battery. But there are always other options!!

  • Suraj Racharla

    I know it looks like Lenovo has joined the club with this year’s one of the top smartphones but I am sorry to say that they don’t have enough expertise in this business. Lenovo needs more branding and also an overall better design on hardware and software. There isn’t a feature on this phone that sticks out and makes it uniqur but this phone is still a great buy!!

  • Suraj Racharla

    Really I saw it too. Its amazing inst it. The front looks like a G3 because of the thin bezels and the screen looks so good. It surprising to see this from Lenovo but this phone is something remarkable from them. Lenovo has done a great job making this phone and next time I want them to perfect their and make their UI more user friendly

  • Jugal Mudoi

    This is a great device… I’m totally impressed with the design, display, the very fresh and neat looking ui and the huge battery.. and other mind blowing features. Moreover, I think another usp of this phone is the pricing, Lenovo is now pricing their products very sensibly. anyways a beautiful short review… I’m really enjoying each of the article relating this phablet and excitedly waiting for the full review.

    • Suraj Racharla

      Yes the UI looks great but i still think they still need to make it better. The UI colors look to highlighter type and too bright. I think they should go with complemetnay colors like the LG G UI because that UI would look so good on this phone!!

      • Jugal Mudoi

        I read somewhere Vibe z2 pro has a hidden mode option in settings to switch to system ui and it is very near to the stock android, if anyone don’t like vibe ui they simply can switch to system ui and I think this is a big plus point of this beautiful device. Hope we will get to read about this feature in detail in the full review. waiting for that…