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European Commission proposes 5G networks launch from 2018 with Huawei leading R&D



While it was suggested that the world could see 300 Million 5G Technology enabled smartphone by 2025 in a reported posted last month by an analytics firm. The report also stated that by 2020 the world might start seeing the first commercial 5G devices in small numbers.

Now a press statement by Huawei’s Tony Graziano, the Vice President of company’s European Public Affairs and Communication Office states that company is ready to lead the 5G network development and deployment with possible early network operations in 2018. Just days back, European Commission set out proposals for the timely deployment of 5G services in the continent.

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Huawei expresses the proposal with the announcement of investment in researching 5G technologies at Surrey University’s 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) in the UK. There company ha plans to invest £5 Million as a part of £600 Million that company has committed to 5G research globally by 2018. According to the company, they have been placing a strong focus on 5G research and innovation since quite a time.

The Shenzhen headquartered Chinese multinational company which has a major business in networking and telecommunications apart from devices business is keen to work on 5G mobile technology. Talking about the Action Plan, it calls for a united and sustained commitment by all parties that includes the EU institutions, the Member States, the research and financial communities.

With 5G technology development and deployment process being proposed by European Commission, it is believed that many companies would join hands with committee to work on the future mobile technologies that could change the way human interact.

Of course, it would offer a faster connection with superior download and upload speeds. But it is also true that there would be many obstacles that 5G technology would have to face. Such as travelling long distances and penetrating through various objects and buildings.

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In Europe, the firm is all set to cooperate with public and private partners. They would be participating in the EU 5G research projects that include 5G PPP, which is a 5G infrastructure public-private partnership initiated by EU Commission and industry leaders.

With EU promoting that next generation communication networks will be “Made in EU”, we believe that more and more companies would announce their investment towards the mobile technology future in Europe.


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