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5G Technology on Smartphones could bring 300 Million Phone sales in 2025



Reciting about future technology use is a hit and trial procedure, sometimes the expert’s analysis turns out fine, other times, which is most times, it just falls apart. As you might heard a decade ago that Windows Mobile would be a big success and by 2016, we would see millions of handsets running the Microsoft OS on mobile. But we all know what happened to it.

Nothing concrete can be said about future as it is unpredictable in many ways. We can just analyse the present and suggest what might or might not be the future. The next generation of mobile technology, 5G, is one such area where the predictions are going on that by 2025, there could be around 300 Million handsets supporting 5G technology. Even though, the wireless industry is years away from reaching at some agreement on needed standards and regulations.

There are lots of questions that needs to be answered. But a final decision needs to be made as it is all hush-hush on how mobile carriers would proceed once the technology is ready to go live. Of course, 5G technology will offer ten times faster connection than current top speeds, but it will also said to face challenges such as travelling long distances and penetrating through objects and buildings.

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Reportedly, the top American mobile carriers, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile has discussed the test results, as well as possible use case scenarios. It’s too early to tell, whether they would focus on 5G phones, tablets, home internet service, smart devices, or the Internet of things.

In the meantime, when the mobile carriers are struggling with regulations and standards. The manufacturer like Qualcomm, Nokia and Ericsson have prepared their own roadmaps when 5G devices would be ready.

There are firms who make their living by making forecasts, and this kind of uncertainty doesn’t deteriorate their motivation to predict future of the industry. Despite a horrible forecast of some technology scene such as Windows Mobile, BlackBerry handsets and Nokia’s demise. It all comes to the hype any research firm can create. The end result matters only to the makers, but not prognosticators of the industry.

According to the director of Strategy Analytics in one report, it is believed that first commercial 5G devices would appear in small numbers sometime in 2020. The places we might see these devices first includes South Korea and Japan, where wireless mobile technology regulates quicker than most advanced countries.

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It is also reported and would probably be true; early 5G supported devices would be expensive and might struggle with poor battery life, unstable connectivity. Additionally, would probably face poor interactions with earlier wireless standards. Like it was the case with first few 4G LTE enabled devices.

Though, these issues will resolve over time and by 2025, around 300 5G compatible phones would be sold. The actual number could be 100 million less or more, as future isn’t predictable.


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